SE: Juanita | Strong Beliefs Make it True

I’ll time it. What’s your name? Juanita. Juanita. I’m Anthony. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Do you believe in a God? Yes. Which God are you believing in? You know, Christian, Jesus. Christian? OK. If zero was, “I don’t believe in a God”, and 100% was, “I Continue Reading

The Art of Belief Episode II: Archbishop Demetrios on “PISTEVO”

I can’t believe that we’re all here today. And so in addition to His Eminence, our Archbishop, I’d like to welcome all the reverend clergy that are here. My name is Michael Psaros and it’s my great pleasure today to introduce the short film documentary, Pistevo. I was impressed by Continue Reading

Scientology Beliefs: The Parts of Man

Scientology is a religion that contains tools and methods to assist you in finding your own answers to life’s questions, your own truth’s about your life and you. But…who are you? Are you a body? Well let me ask you this: If you have your appendix removed, does your personality Continue Reading

Surviving Faith Assembly: A Former Cult Member’s Story

The bible says we walk by faith, you see faith never sees what the world sees I rebuke that infirmity and the pain… I command it to loose you, right this moment… Faith never relies on the evidence of the senses Alright, in the name of Jesus we take authority Continue Reading

Why Young Earth Creationism Is A Cult – Dr Jason Lisle, Ken Ham

Young earth creationism has a serious problem. Let’s just say it up front, in its present form today with leaders such as Ken Ham, Dr Jason Lisle, Russell Humphreys and more, spreading bad science and outright false information, Young Earth Creationism is a cult. One of the reasons YEC is Continue Reading

What’s What in the Church – Episode 1 – Baptismal Font

Hi, I’m AJ And I’m Skiff! We’re from the Altar Gang! Welcome to What’s What In the Church. Today we’ll be discussing the baptismal font. I prefer Times New Roman. Ugghh In the early days, people were baptized in streams or river – like Jesus was. Today we use the Continue Reading

Scientology Beliefs: The Eight Dynamics Of Life

What goal does every living thing have in common? Survival. You are trying to achieve the highest level of survival possible for as long as possible. As one looks out across the confusion which is life to most people, you will find that life can actually be subdivided into 8 Continue Reading

The Mechanisms and Effects of Dogmatic Belief Systems

Stubbornness can be pretty annoying at times. Especially in regard to important issues like climate change, immigration, equality and spirituality. So why does it seem some people just won’t listen to reason or change their opinion regardless of the evidence. In this video we will discuss the effects of dogmatic Continue Reading

Effective church leaders encourage innovation

Hi I’m David Bell Welcome to this episode of the Effective Church Leadership series. It’s all about innovation, that is leading to the new. Let’s get going. Imagine this scenario. There’s a group of three or four church leaders. They’ve begun to feel very strongly that at the heart of Continue Reading

Aren’t All Churches the Same?

Hi. My name is Fr. Mike Schmitz and this is Ascension Presents. So, a number of years ago, my best friend and his wife were becoming Catholic. Now they had been raised in just a really great, really loving Christian denomination. And they got a lot of great things from Continue Reading