Night Lovell “RIP Trust” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I’m not taking away from anyone doing their shit in Canada, but I feel like there’s not enough eyes on all of Canada. It’s more focused on like Toronto and shit, which is cool, but there’s way more to Canada than just Toronto. You know? We were actually on like Continue Reading

Bernin’ for Bernie (Burning for You) ~ Bernie Sanders – Blue Oyster Cult Parody

It was a tough decision. Do I get into senior boxing? Or run for president. Bernie Sanders in the house! I am very pleased that you invited me to be with you today. And I’ve prepared a few words. For this important occasion. If you want money out of politics, Continue Reading

Eric Champlin – Stay (feat. Kiera Loveless) (Lyric Video)

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Cult of The Damned – Sugar Water (prod by Reklews) OFFICIAL AUDIO

Cult of The Damned – Sugar Water yeah closed on the farm it’s going off like to follow along I left the door open cause i was pulling the bar yet just bear with me know when the charming big slap your face with your part when I told you Continue Reading

BRITTANYA KARMA – TỰ TIN prod. by Brasco

dad loves me because i look like mom mom loves me because I look like dad our family is caring and has love for each other If you don’t like to see that, shut your damn eyes:) Brittanya Karma, Vietnamese been a special person for 28 years looking European mixed Continue Reading

Don’t Trust Prince Ea (Diss track)

Hi! I’m Dave from Boyinaband! Recently, I was looking around the Internet when I found a video telling me “You are not depressed!” “Stop it!” with an angry looking guy in the thumbnail who I recognised This is Prince Ea He’s a Youtuber and rapper who has more recently started Continue Reading

Cult Shϕtta – No Rulez (Lyrics) Ft. Selasie

No rules, No rules, No rules, No rules No rules, No rules, No rules, No rules No rules, No rules No rules, No rules, No rules, No rules Can’t walk away its never ending Took a loan just to spend it I swear I’m living like a sinner, I’m stuntin Continue Reading

NEFFEX – Trust Me [Copyright Free]

Yeah I take a cold hard look at the world now Hold my hand out Got a plan now Ima help be the change cuz I can now Here I stand now Take my hand now No pain no gain No shame Work hard play hard Ok I think I Continue Reading