Q&A + Teasers w/ CM Cerebro! – MARVEL Strike Force

what's up guys so this video is sponsored by clan HQ which is a fully featured messaging app that specializes in building integrations for your favorite games they've already got all the features you know and love including stickers gifts photos albums notes reactions extensive notification and badging settings for Continue Reading

Quit YouTube For Politics? | Tyler Oakley

– Hi everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley and this is my video (laughs) for today. "Tyler where'd you getthat sweater it's so cute!" So I'm assuming you'reasking about the sweater I wore in my last video. It's from American Apparel. If you didn't know, AmericanApparel is going out of Continue Reading

What Is The Greatest Threat To Our Society? Patreon Q&A #1 (June 2019)

Mic Check 1 2 microphone check one two just making sure that all this sound is coming through okay and it is coming out alright on YouTube so gonna give that a little minute and make sure that's alright awesome that looks like it is okay so this is going Continue Reading

Episode #99 Political Anxiety? Can The Emotion Code Help?

are you one of those people that every time that you turn on the TV or the news or watch the view or your flippin radio stations or your driving by you've seen signs in people's windows that it's all about politics and you turn into a rageful crazy lady Continue Reading