Pyramids and solar religion

[MUSIC PLAYING] INES TORRES: Pyramids are one of the most common of all human architectural forms, and one of the most stable. But the reason for building a pyramid is also related to a set of religious and funerary beliefs that the Egyptian espoused. Some of these beliefs are intimately Continue Reading

Touring Tirana: Vibrant City Center & Nuclear Bunker (Plus Incredible Penthouse Apartment)

Good morning from beautiful Prizren Kosovo. Yeah, we’re sad to leave after only one day here in Kosovo it’s a just a really nice city that we wanted to experience a little bit more of but Our itinerary only has time for one day. And so we are headed on Continue Reading

Richard Dawkins & Ricky Gervais on Religion

some people would say that the scientific view is rather bleak and cold it put here we are on a cloud of on a bit of dust really orbiting the Sun and it's all going to go it's all going to be destroyed one day does it leak there's no Continue Reading

Why Japan's Great Pyramid of Giza Can't be Built Until 2110

(I'm Kento Bento) This video is made possible by Skillshare. Home to over 23,000 classesto teach you a new life skill. London. October, 1992. A Japanese man entered agovernment building near Chancery Lane, and made his way up to an office on the first floor. This was the London branch Continue Reading

How Secret Societies Control Your Behavior!

CarbLoaded: A Culture Dying to Eat (International Subtitles)

الإفراط في الكربوهيدرات :ثقافة شعب همه الأكل هذا ليث لقد عرفته هو و زوجته لمدة عشرين عاما تقريبا. في الواقع، منذ نحو عشر سنوات بدأنا شركتنا الخاصة معا في عام 2009، كان المخرطة ستة و تلاتون عاما ويزن مئة و خمسة وستون رطلا انه اكل تقريبا مستوى النظام الغذائى الاميركى Continue Reading


Greetings Ladies and Gentleman, back to the discussion of pyramid and science in ALAMTOLOGI. I have explained on the previous video that, the truth in knowledge which relates to pyramid is different to what is being explained in ALAMTOLOGI. What is the role that exists in the world now with Continue Reading


Welcome back ladies and gentleman, returning back to the same concept I have explained earlier. On how this pattern exists. Actually, the patterns that I have been drawing are just in the molecular level. It is from the base structure of every element. What do I mean by that? In Continue Reading


Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. PYRAMID. I have explained in the previous video on the roles of every scholars and ourselves to understand clearly what pyramid actually is. But, it has not covered everything, has it? You were only generally exposed on what pyramid actually is. At least, it is Continue Reading