Annoying Features of the Mind – The Science of Well-Being by Yale University #10

So now, here, we’re going to pause for a second. because we’re almost at the end of the lecture. But I want to really have a moment, where you guys reflect on this, and take this all in, right? All this stuff that I’ve told you, scientifically, when you actually Continue Reading

We Are Built To Be Kind

One of the hardest questions when you think about the evolution of the human species, from the standard framework of evolution, which really is about individual survival, competing, getting your genes to the next generation — one of the hardest questions within that framework is why are people so frequently Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson – Controversial Facts about IQ

Okay, now… down to cognitive ability. Well… How can you conceptualize intelligence? Well, this is a major problem, because your initial conceptualization determines, in part, the strategies that you’re going to use to investigate intelligence. And… when you say… when you pare a sentence down to “What is intelligence?”… – Continue Reading

How to Overcome Shyness

Because shyness can grip us in such powerful ways, it’s tempting to think of it as an immutable part of our emotional make-up with roots that extend far into our personalities and perhaps biology, and that we would be incapable of ever extirpating. But in truth, shyness is based on Continue Reading

Why Those Who Feel They Have More Give Less

In california you’re supposed to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. And in a recent study, some ninety percent of drivers did– –except for those driving luxury cars like this BMW they were almost as likely to run the intersection as wait for the person to cross the street Continue Reading

Social Status & Your Health: A Conversation

– Hey what’s, oh! – Where should a put my hands? Like, I don’t know what to do with my hands. – What do I with my hands! – Like this, does this look okay? (beep) – Hey, what’s up, I’m Myles! – And I’m Shirin! – And we’re the Continue Reading

What We Might Learn in Couples Therapy

Like many things that help our relationships, couples therapy has a habit of sounding appallingly unromantic, involving patience, gruelling work and a host of embarrassing conversations about matters it would be much nicer never to have to think about – let alone discuss with a partner and a trained stranger. Continue Reading

Why We Pick Difficult Partners

Theoretically we are free to select the kind of person we love. We might have chosen someone else. We’re not being forced into this by social convention or match-making or dynastic imperatives. But in reality our choice is probably a lot less free than we imagine. Some very real constraints Continue Reading

Measuring Personality: Crash Course Psychology #22

How would you describe your personality? Maybe friendly, creative, quirky? What about nervous, or timid, or outgoing? But has anyone ever called you a sanguine? What about a Kapha, or full of metal? Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates believed personality manifested itself in four different humors, and, basically, you are who Continue Reading