Religion & Mental Health Therapy! Coffee & a Chat w/Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Hey everybody, Happy Thursday! Do you guys remember this background? So cool I got this at CB2. Many of you asked. It’s been years ago. Purchased it. Pretty sure they don’t have anymore. It’s been like ten years, but it’s like a throwback. TBT, it’s Thursday! Oh, full circle. Look Continue Reading

Campus Indoctrination: The Parasitization of Myth

Steven Pinker: Progress, Despite Everything

I’m very pleased today to be talking to Dr. Steven Pinker from Harvard University He’s the Johnstone family professor in the Department of Psychology there and has taught additionally at Stanford and MIT He’s an experimental psychologist who conducts research in visual cognition psycho linguistics and social relations Dr. Pinker Continue Reading

The WEIRDness of Studying Thinking – Religion, Belief and Social Connections, Part 4

It sounds like some of the research that you’ve been doing as well, is what’s called often the WEIRD morality of Western, Educated, Intellectual, Rich and Democratic, that a lot of the research is done by and for people in part of that community, and that’s a sort of an Continue Reading

Why You Believe in God and Capitalism

Hello everybody! A lot of capitalists seem to assume people who don’t work, yet still get a share of resources, are socialists gaming the system, when one could easily say they’re actually capitalists profiting off the work of others. Identical behavior viewed from different perspectives. I guess it depends on Continue Reading

Religion vs. Spirituality: Get out of the Box of Religion

Many people, they are confused that religion is spirituality. Many people, they are confused that religion is spirituality. And spirituality is religion. I want to make a big difference here that religion is not spirituality. Neither spirituality is a religion. Religion simply is a way of life in the society. Continue Reading

OSHO: There Is No Future for Religion

silence shared in words presents There is no Future for Religion Stop bothering to go to the synagogue, to the temple, to the church, because they have befooled you enough. Stop asking these people the rabbis, the monks, the priests because all that they know they have been giving as Continue Reading

Religious belief is not mental illness

According to some in the atheist community, religious belief is a kind of mental illness or neurological disorder. This is an opinion that has been expressed by such prominent voices as Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher. The thinking seems to be that because certain religious beliefs look so absurd, to Continue Reading

The Psychology Behind an Efficient Capitalist System | Jordan B Peterson on the Jocko Podcast

Si tiranizas a la gente lo suficiente, buscarán la forma de lastimarse a sí mismos para dañarte a ti. Están dispuestos a sufrir para reclamar justicia. Es algo que realmente vale la pena saber. Una de las cosas que señaló Jean Piaget, es un psicólogo muy interesante pero sus ideas Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism and Addiction The Opioid Epidemic [CLIP]

Well today the topic that you and I have gotten ready for is about an epidemic here in the United States, and I can think of no more dramatic way to introduce the topic that we’re going to discuss, then to point out that the last two years have seen Continue Reading