Predator: Hunting Grounds | State of Play Ultimate Adversary Trailer | PS4

Wait…what the — [SCREAMING] [PREDATOR YELL] Contact! Oh, damn it! What is that? Stick to the mission. We’re moving out. [MUSIC PLAYING] Help me! [PREDATOR YELL]

The list: Unravelling church secrets – The Fifth Estate

[♪♪] [Man] The names and numbers of Catholic priests that abuse children, you know, that’s the kryptonite of the Catholic Church. They learn from the files about the extent of cover up, the extent of sexual abuse that had happened. If your abusers name was on that list, imagine the Continue Reading

Learn a little more how the hyena hierarchy works

the spotted hyena has a reputation for being a sinister thieving scavenger this is utter nonsense we have come to know hyenas as affectionate intelligent and resourceful hyenas live in matriarchal clans centered on a den it's like a female dominated village where the Cubs play and learn their social Continue Reading

Bill Duke Reprises His Legendary "Menace II Society" Role With G Perico & Soren Baker | MOVIES

and I want you to listen here close to me I'm gonna ask you some real simple questions and I want some real simple answer do you understand yeah do you understand yes I understand you said that you couldn't have possibly been at the crime scene at 11:15 because Continue Reading

10 Shocking Human – Animal Relationships