10 of the Tiniest Towns in the United States

What is going on everyone? Welcome back to the world according to Briggs. Let’s talk about some really small towns like count the population using your finger size towns not even your thumbs just your fingers there’s plenty of cities towns and small towns throughout the United States with populations Continue Reading

Top 10 WORST neighborhoods in the United States of America #2. Chicago and Los Angeles are on it.

what is going on fellow earth dwellers how about we do a second neighbourhoods list neighbourhoods you should never dwell in to be more specific I said in my last video that we could do two or three of these bad neighborhood videos I’m thinking more than now that I’m Continue Reading

Homeless Tent Camps in Dallas and Churches Using Housing First, Tiny Homes, and Art to Help People.

Capitalism Cuckolds Creativity

In recent news, there has been a focus on creative industries being affected by their intersection with capitalism. After doing some “light” reading, I’ve put together an explanation for why this is, and why it will not stop anytime soon. Today, I will be explaining why creators and artists are Continue Reading

Does the Minimum Wage Hurt Workers?

Does the Minimum Wage Hurt Workers? Some politicians argue that raising the minimum wage helps the poor and disadvantaged. It might seem that way at first. Certainly workers who are earning $8 an hour today would be better off if they were earning $12 an hour instead. The problem is Continue Reading

Around the World News-5-5-17 What Is the Middle Class?

Greetings youtube visitors. Here’s another edition of Around the World News. Its been a while but it’s for may the 5th 2017 in the year of our Lord. Alright, so let’s go over some some news from this newsletter. The Fed’s policy has been to stimulate higher stock prices to Continue Reading

Capitalist Entitlement

now stop me if you've heard this one before you dang left IDEs you're so entitled you just want free stuff handed to you and you don't even want to work for it sound familiar of course it does if you're anywhere to the left of Paul Ryan's someone has Continue Reading