Portland State’s ‘Mirror Game’ opera takes on gaming culture

Finding safe space for Everyone online is so important and especially for women and telling female positive stories is something that we’ve really begun to do in the Opera world, and we need to do more of ‘Mirror Game’ is a new opera by Celka Ojakangas and Amy Punt and Continue Reading

The Pacific Islander, Asian & Asian American Student Center at Portland State

(upbeat music) – PIAAA is a space for Pacific Islander, Asian, and Asian American-identified students, but we’re also for all students. So, while we wanna foster that community, that identity development, the history, the culture, the leadership in our PIAAA-identified students, we also wanna foster that with all of our Continue Reading

Panera Cares Learns That Socialism Doesn’t

This week, Panera learned that socialism isn’t sustainable. Now, to be clear, Panera itself is okay – but it’s “pay what you can” restaurant chain called Panera Cares, is shutting down its last living location after being mobbed by students looking for free food. The Panera Cares cafes were originally Continue Reading