Libertarian Caller Shocked to Learn He’s Part of a Cult

free wash since Jim from PA welcome to the program gym well sorry media bear with me folks have a little bit %uh problems here with the ok gym for PA can hear me yeah I can hear you can you hear me I can yes welcome to the program Continue Reading

Slum Chronicles: People walk into our church to kidnap children – Pastor laments | Legit TV

The activities surrounding this church are weird. There are many strange things happening in this church. Some people wander here aimlessly. Eventually, they end up carrying out evil acts. They carry out their evil plans at the expense of many lives. In fact, some children have gone missing here. Many Continue Reading

President Donald Trump Approval Down In New State Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

2 months away from Iowa, Democratic race is still in flux

JOHN YANG: There are twists, turns, two in and two out, with two months to go until the first votes. Yamiche Alcindor brings us up to speed on the race to the race House. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: This is a Democratic field in flux. Candidates on the rise are shoring up Continue Reading

Advertisers: Class War is on

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Ben Carson KICKED OUT of Church

>>Ben Carson was setting up for a presser in Baltimore, and the vacant church parking lot he was doing this in did not like it, right? So the people who work at the church were like, no, you gotta go. You gotta go right now. Now keep in mind, this Continue Reading

State Dept. May Investigate Diplomats’ Personal Cell Phone Use After Sondland | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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