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Lost Maples State Natural Area, Texas [Official]

[music] We have thousands upon thousands of people come out here in the Fall to come see the foliage change. Some years it’s just absolutely gorgeous with the color change. In a state where much of the landscape remains the same year-round, the change of seasons at Lost Maples State Continue Reading

Nerd Picks Up Girls With Amazing Voice!

you – what's going on – boy woof thingy with the one and only we're trying to figure out who can get a kiss from a random girl you know wolf is douchebag let's see what happened thanks girl that comes right now you so weird my jumping jacks hey Continue Reading

Menace II Society – Barbeque Scene

oh hey something to pull the card out of your little copy – shit you put these picnic together anyway I don't know but a little mistakes gotta get his feet on his shit girl see you look over the bullshit on the grill job Gianna model fuck y'all let Continue Reading