Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology: Crash Course A&P #1

I’d like you to take a second and really look at yourself. I don’t mean take stock of your life, which really isn’t any of my business, but I mean just look at your body. Hold up a hand and wiggle it around. Take a sip of water. Hold your Continue Reading

“This is not wide spread knowledge” Jordan Peterson on Soviet History

so I want to tell you about a book today the book is called The Gulag Archipelago you ready the book is called The Gulag Archipelago and it’s by a russian author soviet author named Alexander Solzhenitsyn who was in they do like archipelago concentration camp system for a very Continue Reading

Animal Behavior – CrashCourse Biology #25

السلوك هو التصرف استجابةً لمنبه. فقطتي كاميو تستجيب الآن إلى مثيرين؛أحدهما خارجي وهو صوت كيس الطعام والمثير الداخلي؛ ألا وهو جوعها، أو على الأقل،رغبتها الشرهة لتناول الطعام. "السلوك الحيواني" أحيانًا، قد يبدو السلوك الحيواني مذهلًا، ولكن إن نظرتم إليه عن كثب؛ يمكنكم أن تروا كيفتؤدي جميع السلوكيات غرضًا ألا وهو Continue Reading

"What it means to be Ideologically possessed" Jordan Peterson

now I want to show you some things I haven't done this before but we'll see how it goes I'm going to show you something that happened recently some of you may be aware of this and some of you not so this is a video about there was a Continue Reading