Contractarianism: Crash Course Philosophy #37

Imagine a world without rules. Nothing is illegal. Nothing is immoral. Everyone is absolutely free. This might sound like utopia to you, but according to 17th century British philosopher Thomas Hobbes, it would actually be your worst nightmare. Hobbes called this hypothetical time, with no rules to govern our behavior, Continue Reading

Countries for winners; countries for losers

We all, naturally, want to be winners. And so, consequently, a great many countries are designed to reward winners. These are the countries that pay a good deal of attention to optimising the conditions of life available to people who win. In such lands, if one is a winner and Continue Reading

How Literature Helped Prisoners Survive the Communist Gulag

Hello, I’m Dr. Anadale and I teach philosophy at Mount St. Mary’s University and Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Today I want to talk about an article titled “Frivolous Humanities Helped Prisoners Survive in Communist Romania.” It was published on Zocalo Public Square, May 25th, 2016, by Irina Dumitrescu, a Romanian Continue Reading

The Truth About Detroit’s Bankruptcy

Hi, everybody. It’s Stefan Molyneux from Freedomain Radio. I hope you’re doing well. Let’s get to Motor City and try and figure out why the Thelma & Louise basket case known as Detroit is currently sailing off the fiscal cliff. This is the truth about Detroit’s bankruptcy. Ooh, let’s look Continue Reading

Rules for Rulers Reaction: A Case for Libertarian Socialism

Do you want to rule? Do you see the problems in your country and know how to fix them? Hey guys, today we’re gonna explore the beautifully produced rules for rulers by CGP Grey which itself is an adaptation of the dictators handbook by Professor Bruce Bueno De Mesquita If Continue Reading

Do Humans Have Free Will, Or Are We Programmed By Society? | Joscha Bach

Like consciousness, free will is often misunderstood because we know it by reference, but it’s difficult to know it by content, what you really mean by free will. A lot of people who immediately feel that free will is related to whether the universe is deterministic or probabilistic. And while Continue Reading

The Perilous State of the University: Jonathan Haidt & Jordan B Peterson

I’m here today in Manhattan talking to you Dr. Jonathan Haidt Who’s a professor at NYU and I have him here for a bunch of reasons Jonathan is an extremely interesting researcher. I’ve been following his work on disgust and political belief for Literally for decades he was one of Continue Reading

Creation Seminar 5 The Dangers of Evolution Dr Kent Hovind (With Subtitles)

You know, people say evolution is not a bad philosophy. But at the same time it was Hitler’s religion during the Third Reich in Germany. Hi, my name is Eric. In this next seminar, Dr. Hovind exposes some of the terrible things that have been done in the name of Continue Reading

Slavoj Zizek: Der neue Klassenkampf / The New Class Struggle (English subtitles)

To meet Slavoj Zizek … … means to encounter a person who thinks passionately wild. in this discipline he is the World Champion. He doesn’t consider himself as an utopian … … more as a pessimist, and therefore a realist. The biggest Utopia is that things can go on the Continue Reading

Biblical Series V: Cain and Abel: The Hostile Brothers

So I’m going to read you something. I get some I had a lot of mail And I don’t know where I got this I’ve been a lot of different places in the last week And this showed up at one of them, and I’m going to read it to Continue Reading