Can You Trust Your Thoughts

Recently a creationist (factorandrew) put forth an old argument that I had not heard in a while, but thought it worth repeating, and subjecting to the universal shredder of creationist ideas, LOGIC. The argument goes as follows: Evolutionists (whatever those are, for the record then I am also an atomist, Continue Reading

Koolaid Cults and Eyebrows – The Antichrist and His Shameless Lack of Eyebrows

Social media spectacularly reveals how uncreative and unimaginative so many people are, and how unaware they are that every thought they have ever had has already been thought, and everything which they think is new and clever is actually really old, stale and boring, and been done countless times before. Continue Reading

Ep 3 || It’s All About Belief ||Gary(Pantheist) & Hamza

The Cult of Suffering | Beyond Good and Evil §293

Three things stand out about section 293 of Beyond Good and Evil: Nietzsche’s portrait of the Masterful Man, his remarks on the value of pity, and his assertion that European culture is becoming “a veritable cult of suffering.” In this video, I will comment on each of these three elements, Continue Reading

How to CRUSH Your “Limiting” Beliefs

Okay, so does this sound familiar? (inhaling) If only I would have grown up in a household where money was flowing effortlessly and abundantly, then I’d have more money today. Or how about this one? (sighing) You know if I just would have been treated with a little more love Continue Reading

The Werewolf Cult

Hello friends, how are you? I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the werewolf cult I am a person who praises the ability to be civilized, to be polite and try to communicate with another human being in a thoughtful and respectful way To show sensibility, being Continue Reading

Is Belief in God Irrational?

So thankyou all for coming. I’ll introduce our moderator for tonight – this is Hollis. Hollis is on the Alaska Gas Commission and has also served as a State Senator So I’ll hand over to Hollis Hi and good evening. Its my job to introduce the two speakers, I’m gonna Continue Reading

Your 3-Minute Confidence Booster

In this video, we’re going to see if we can create absolute confidence in just three minutes. Okay? But first, what is confidence? Well, I’ll tell you what it’s not. Confidence is not being arrogant. Confidence is not being louder than anybody else or being blustery and trying to get Continue Reading

This Restaurant Is Actually a Sex Cult

(upbeat music) (elegant music) (fire blowing) (butter melting) The first time I made Lub, I was 15 years old and it was with a boy in my class named Toby. We were at a bonfire on the beach, and we snuck away behind the breakwater to discover one another. I Continue Reading

Why Am I Believing This? – Dominique | Street Epistemology