The Birth Of An Amazonian Cult: Cocaine And Faith In The Amazon (Part 1)

The Promised Land: Cocaine And Faith In The Amazon (Full Length)

Exploring Peru | David Whitehill in the Sacred Valley – Part 1

We’ve been traveling with Scenic to some of Peru’s most amazing sights and today we’re exploring the Sacred Valley. Well this is our very first stop here in the Andes and I don’t know if it’s a high altitude or this incredible view but jeez it takes your breath away, Continue Reading

War and Nation Building in Latin America: Crash Course World History 225

Hi, I’m John Green. This is Crash Course World History, and today we’re gonna return to two of our favorite themes: the creation of nation-states and the role of war. And we’re gonna focus on a region that often gets overlooked in world history, Latin America. Me from the Past: Continue Reading

Alejandro Toledo: Democracy in Latin America

The last 50 years Latin America has made substantial progress in the democratic area. We used to have almost all the continent or the militaries through a military coup. We have advanced enormously. So the sky is bright in terms of democracy, at least formally. There is gray parts in Continue Reading

RUSSIAN FLAG – Camboya | M4 Airsoft Gameplay Peru [SPA/ENG Subs]

Giancarlo Rossi Lévano “Correcaminos/RR” (AA-24) | Location: Camboya Russian Flag | Team: NATO | Enemy team: Russian Federation with pro-Russian militia support | Objective: Capture the Russian flag on the BRDM-2. “Get back” “Hey I hit him” “They’re shooting through, they’re behind” “Sami?” “Sami?” Eliminated “Oh fuck” “They have me Continue Reading

5 Most Mysterious Uncontacted Tribes