Harry Houdini – Escape Artist and Marketing Genius

This is a story of success. Amongst the hundreds of thousands of Central Europeans who left Europe to go to America in search of a better life, many are those who found out that America’s promises were vacuous, many managed to establish a decent living and some achieved spectacular successes, Continue Reading

Auto driver in India Telangana state taking 24 people in the auto

What’s your name? Which village? Father’s name? How many max people should sit in the auto? 6 people Shall we see how many people sat in the auto? Hey all, please get down from auto slowly one by one. Get down…let’s count One two three nine fifteen Total 24 people Continue Reading

General Heinz Guderian: The Father of the Blitzkrieg

In the first two years of World War II the Allies were stunned by the speed, coordination and efficacy of German’s armoured divisions, seemingly unstoppable. It was the success of the Blitzkrieg tactics, the ‘lightning war’. This success was attributed to the leadership and military genius of today’s protagonist. Even Continue Reading

7 Things I Was Not Used To In Poland

today guys I’m gonna be telling you about seven of the things that I was not used to before coming over to Poland let’s get started alright so number one on this list is the size of the containers I was not used to something like getting milk which is Continue Reading

Roy Benavidez: The Lazarus Soldier

We have been covering some outstanding soldiers here at Biographics, lately. Today’s protagonist is no exception and would probably rank among the very top because of his determination, courage, tactical competence and resilience. This is the extraordinary story of Master Sergeant Raul ‘Roy’ Benavidez, the Lazarus soldier, and of his Continue Reading

คอมมิวนิสต์ คืออะไร? | What is Communism?

Hello! Today I’m going to talk about a form of government Which is called “Communism”. In some decades ago, we probably could not have discussed the issue in public without being arrested. But fortunately, we are now living in an Enlightenment era, that allows us to gain knowledge without fear Continue Reading

100 years of Communist Disaster

Happy Birthday, communism. This year marks 100 years since communism began. The First Revolution was in Russia. No longer would capitalists exploit workers. Now the people would prosper together under Lenin. But some people resisted, so Lenin ordered them killed. “You need to hang without fail”, he said so the Continue Reading

The value of travel | Rick Steves | TEDxRainier

Translator: Natalie Thibault Reviewer: Sarah El_Gayyar Thank you very much. You know, I have spent a third of my adult life living out of a suitcase. And looking back on those 30 years, four months every year of traveling, it occurs to me, it’s really clear that travel, thoughtful travel, Continue Reading