My Religious Leader and I Play a Game of Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Do I give off hot pastor vibes? – Oh, Jesus. (orchestral music) – [Cameraman] What are you guys here to do? What’s the topic? – Oh, it’s truth or drink with a religious leader which is you. – That’s me. (laughter) Thanks for calling me a leader. – Oh, Continue Reading

Big Democracy

[Narrator]: People’s participation in our democracy is hindered by unequal access and structures that are hard to navigate. In Big Democracy, the public sets the agenda, society designs solutions for those most in need, and institutions are directly accountable to the public. [Staff]: Mayor, welcome to office. What would you Continue Reading

What Language Am I Speaking? | Lineup | Cut

(speaking in foreign language) – I asked him if he wanted to fuck me in the kitchen (laughs) (crew laughing) (“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”) – I grew up in an environment in which there was Cantonese and Tagalog. And the first couple of years of grad school I Continue Reading

Westminster Cathedral: Exploring Religion in London

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Westminster Cathedral. Westminster Cathedral was started in 1895. Our architect was John Francis Bentley. The first mass was said in the cathedral in 1903, in our Ladies Chapel, and the cathedral itself was consecrated in 1910. We are the principal church of Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism and Mental Health [Trailer]

Ironically, what the Conservatives don’t want you to know is that there is a kind of property that doesn’t pay a property tax in the United States. You know what it is? It’s property in the form of stocks and bonds. Rich people don’t want to pay the tax which Continue Reading

Islam: The Misunderstood Religion! – LECTURE – Abdur-Raheem Green

Hey Hey now I’m gonna talk about a topic is slammed the misunderstood religion Sam the misunderstood religion and the first thing I would look like to talk about a first thing I’d like to talk about is Islam itself what does the word Islam mean okay so the word Continue Reading

Wallerstein says ‘democracy’ remains a subjective term (2010)

We arrived at no consensus, in fact, quite the opposite, there was a complete dis-sensus on all the major issues. The problem of democracy is very simple. Everybody today, everybody today, every politician today, says that his country – or politician in power – says that his country democratic. However Continue Reading

Everyday Democracy Orientation

Welcome to the Everyday Democracy Orintention I’m Gloria Francesca Mengual a Program Officer here at Everyday Democracy And with me is Janee Woods Weber I’m also a Program Officer here at Everyday Democracy, and Gloria and I work with communities across the country helping them come together to find ways Continue Reading

Spoken World | Democracy

Democracy is a process. That you see Transparency Accountability Advocacy Legitamacy Elections, free and fair To cast a ballot to care about the issues that move you Let me give you a few Education Safety Inclusion Peace Jobs Without confusion Each person is equal under the law Persons with disabilities Continue Reading