Pelosi's Political Stunt Backfires

so we have got Emma Vega 'land joining us from New York Emma welcome back to the show thanks for having me John I want to start off by talking about the big story of yesterday and that would of course be Robert Muller's testimony before two different House committees Continue Reading

Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls Trump's Ideology 'Fascist'

I want to make sure that every single person who is in this country who's aspiring to become part of the American fabric understands that nothing this president says should be taken apart we are Americans as much as every one else this is our country and we are where Continue Reading

Gutfeld: Democrats are tripping on identity politics like bad acid

Rep. Roy: Dems ought to stop playing politics with human beings

The Deep State wants Robots-Political news and more!

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Pelosi knows impeachment is a political disaster: Karl Rove

Gutfeld: The problem with team sport politics

The Politics of the Wall – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

what I find sad and funny at the same time is that in my honest opinion this wall thing has just evolved into politics I'll tell you why I say that because Trump doesn't want to admit that he doesn't actually care about the wall he just wants to say Continue Reading

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Playing Politics With Pelosi

yesterday we had the introduction of the green New Deal resolution we broke down some of the details on it some of the initial I guess response to it being put forward and one aspect of that was that Nancy Pelosi said something that I interpreted as quite condescending about Continue Reading