Ouabache State Park, Bluffton, IN

One boundary of our park is bordered by the Wabash river, that’s where the name comes from. The name is actually French, it looks like, if you were to say it, it looks like “O-ba-chee.” That was how we answered the phone, that was how it was pronounced. I think Continue Reading

Church Welcomes Pets (UMTV)

(bark, bark!) [narrator] Every beast of the earth is welcome… those with two legs, four or even those with claws. The annual “blessing of the pets” at Christ United Methodist Church in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania draws crowds [Joe Hirsch] Father we’re asking that this cat have a good, long happy Continue Reading

Critically Injured Elephant Calf Rescued By Wildlife Trust

00:03 COMM: An elephant calf has been critically injured by a snare, and it’s a race against time to save him. 00:14 COMM: In February 2015, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust spotted an elephant calf with a devastating injury. The youngster, estimated to be only one year old has stepped Continue Reading

Balmorhea State Park, Texas [Official]

[wind] [music] In the stark, arid landscape of West Texas there’s a surprising oasis of green and blue. Just outside the town of Balmorhea, a unique spring brings life to the desert. [kids playing] It also creates one of the best spots in Texas to go for a swim. San Continue Reading

California State Parks: Russ Christoff visits Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Following Highway 1, I paused for a moment at Julia Pfeiffer Burns, a day use state park, with an outstanding feature. From high bluffs overhead, a beautiful 50 foot waterfall drops straight into the Pacific Ocean. This park also includes a 1,680 acres underwater reserve, and 1,800 acres of upland Continue Reading

Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas [Official]

[music] [birds] This is about as good as you get in the hill country. [music] I am Bill McDaniel, Park Superintendent, Pedernales Falls State Park. This park is about 35 miles west of Austin just off highway 290. We get asked all the time what’s the correct pronunciation? To me Continue Reading

Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas [Official]

[music] Today, dinosaurs live only in imagination. But in some areas their footprints still bare witness to creatures that were once masters of the earth. Some of the best preserved evidence of these creatures can be found about an hour’s drive from Dallas at Dinosaur Valley State Park. It is Continue Reading