Target of “Intelligence” Community: Trump & You

one of the most important tools of the deep state in doing what it does is the so called intelligence community now we’ve been led to believe that this alleged intelligence community is actually to keep us safe and they’re protecting us from bad guys and all the rest of Continue Reading

Externalities and Public Goods – Private and Social Costs and Benefits

the increasing standards of living that so many of us are enjoying does seem to be resulting in increased damage to ourselves and others so how can we protect the environment from the pollution damage that we're doing how can we protect individuals from the harm of our passive smoking Continue Reading

Externalities and Public Goods – Examples

Google Summer of Code: Organizations Apply

google Summer of Code is a mentorship program in google google Summer of Code match's mentors and programmers in university to work on important open source projects that everyone benefits from this past summer over 175 organizations from around the globe welcomed 1,200 new developers into their communities and the Continue Reading

Externalities and Public Goods – Coase Theorem

Externalities and Public Goods – Public Goods

Externalities and Public Goods – Free Rider Problem

Externalities and Public Goods – Property Rights and Icelandic Fish

Externalities and Public Goods – Public Good Provided By Government

Externalities and Public Goods – Tradable Permits

the third and last mechanism that will consider for dealing with externalities is that of tradable permits we'll see how tradable permits have been implemented in the u.s. to cap and reduce the levels of sulfur dioxide emitted by coal-fired power stations and work this way there's three stages with Continue Reading