Finny Kuruvilla – Undoing Antioch: On Ethnic Specific Churches – Anabaptist Perspectives Ep. 072

Hello everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Anabaptist Perspectives. I’m here with Finny Kuruvilla. We’re in Boston, Massachusetts at Sattler College which is something you’ve been very involved in getting started here, and I noticed something you’re pretty passionate about. You mentioned in your book is something called ethnic-specific Continue Reading

Judge Jeanine: IG report evidence of deep state hard at work

Is #BlackLivesMatter Stupid?

Is the Black Lives Matter movement stupid? I am a white guy, which means I have to be really sensitive about what I say, and rightfully so, because again I have no idea what it’s like to be a black person and therefore should tread lightly because my ignorance earned Continue Reading

Judge Jeanine: Strzok is personification of the deep state

Hannity: Deep state is in deep trouble

Class Warfare – Top 1% vs You

john mccain goes on fox and sunny with chris wallace is good for about class warfare i’ve found that interesting let’s go to put number three i hope that they’ll do payroll tax cut but the first time the first thing we need to do is extended media the tax Continue Reading