Libertarian Caller Shocked to Learn He’s Part of a Cult

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President Obama Nominates John Kerry for Secretary of State

The President: Good afternoon, everyone. When I took office, our nation was engaged in two wars, and al Qaeda was entrenched in their safe havens. Many of our alliances were frayed, and America’s standing in the world had suffered. Over the past four years, we’ve begun a new era of Continue Reading

Crazy Graphs: Rich Vs Middle Class & Poor

republicans always made the claim that we have a rising tide lifts all boats trickle-down economics don’t wait leap years that we’re giving gigantic access to the rich by delegates we get the arrest our way to go on uh… i so that’s that’s what you say uh… well we Continue Reading

Is the middle class disappearing?

State Dept. finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton’s email scandal

How Powerful Is The Middle Class?

Last year, the Pew Research center reported that the income gap in the United States between the middle and upper class was the largest on record. The wealth owned by just the top “zero point-one percent” was equivalent to the wealth of the bottom 90 percent. Many economic analysts and Continue Reading

The 51st State

Good morning, John. This election was one for the history books. The first female amputee in Congress, the first female Asian American Senator, the first openly gay Senator the first second term for a black president the first legalization of recreational marijuana and the first legalization of gay marriage. But Continue Reading

Reclaiming Sinjar: Pushing Back the Islamic State

Communist CA Sets Dangerous Illegals Free, So Trump Releases Their WORST NIGHTMARE

Instead of allowing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain them, the state of California is setting dangerous criminal illegal aliens free. In response, President Donald Trump has released their “worst nightmare.” “When a foreign national in the United States illegally is arrested on criminal charges, U.S. Immigration and Continue Reading