Blind Muslim Trust Experiment – New York City

what’s up guys it’s me Karim other day I was on the Internet and I saw a video that inspired me So I’m gonna take that idea and do it in New York city one of the toughest cities in America Trust me enough for a hug what were their Continue Reading

Japan’s Cult-Favorite Fluffy Pancakes Are Now In NYC | Line Around The Block

Customer: I’m just expecting it to melt in my mouth. That’s all I’m here for, and absolutely worth the wait. Medha Imam: What’s better than pancakes for breakfast? How about an airy, jiggly soufflé pancake? For the first time, New Yorkers are able to try Japan’s most famous Miracle Pancake Continue Reading

Dry-Aged Steak and Lamb at the USA’s Most Iconic Steakhouse — Cult Following

– So, Nick, thank you so much for taking me to Peter Luger. – The pleasure is all mine. This is one of my favorite places. I remember my first time. It was like one of those life-changing experiences. – Yeah. – And I think you’re love this place. – Continue Reading

Crustless Pizza At Umberto’s The Inventors Of The Grandma Slice — Cult Following

(guitar strumming) – [Serena] The Grandma Pie, a staple when it comes to New York pizza. And there’s one spot on Long Island that claims to have invented it. Their fans don’t disagree and have brought their obsession nation-wide over the years. – This is the Grandma’s Pizza. Wow, oh Continue Reading

The Believing Brain: Evolution, Neuroscience, and the Spiritual Instinct

Thank you. It’s a great pleasure to see all of you here tonight. The festival has had conversations about science and religion over the years. Perhaps some of you have come to some of those. And oftentimes, there are two sides represented in that conversation and sometimes the two sides, Continue Reading

Paella, Champagne Sabering & Stuntman Shots: Chef’s Night out in NYC with Jamie Bissonnette

Shot On This Spot: Empire State Building