This Is NC State

This is NC State This is our campus. Giant oak trees, stately brick buildings and plenty of open space—there’s no doubt that NC State is the ultimate college campus. More than 33,000 students attend school here. That’s 32,999 people who could be your next best friends. And at Centennial Campus Continue Reading

Two Minute Tour of North Carolina: 50 States for Kids – FreeSchool

You’re watching FreeSchool! North Carolina is nicknamed the Old North State, as well as the Tar Heel State. North Carolina became the twelfth state in the United States when it ratified the Constitution on November 21, 1789. Prior to becoming a state, however, North Carolina was home to some of Continue Reading

North Korea vs The United States – Who Would Win The War?

North Korea vs the United States The defense budget of North Korea is estimated to be $10 billion (or 15.8% of their GDP). The American defense budget is $664 billion (or 2.4% of their GDP). North Korea’s total population is 24.7 million people with a total of 10 million who Continue Reading

Slavery’s Scar on the United States

If you’ve ever spent an entire lunch hour just staring at a map of the United States – what, people do that right? – you’ve probably noticed this one line that seems to run right across the middle of the country. Why is that line there? Well to figure that Continue Reading

Nate Phelps, Son of God Hates Fags Westboro Baptist Church, Reveals All Part 1 of 2

David Pakman: OK, we’re speaking with Nate Phelps, who is the estranged son of Fred Phelps, of course of Westboro Baptist Church fame. Nate, thanks for joining us today. Nate Phelps: My pleasure, Dave. David: So give us the background. I mean, I’m fascinated to be walked through this. You Continue Reading

Prairie Churches

(choir) Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound (Tom Isern) All these steeples, the vertical spikes in our prairie horizons. They look like exclamation points, but I think maybe they’re question marks. Where did all these churches come from? Who built them, and where did those people go to? And what Continue Reading


Hello, everyone, welcome to Weekendr Girl channel. It’s another weekend, it’s freezingly cold, only plus 8 degrees Celsius in June, so if you ever had any disagreements with British weather, welcome to Russia, but, to be precise, welcome to Novgorod. We’re exploring a bit of Russia’s European north, so if Continue Reading

How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history

Listen to how this textbook describes slavery. “The master often had a barbecue or a picnic for his slaves. Then they had a great frolic. Even while working in the cotton fields they sang songs. The beat of the music and the richness of their voices made work seem light.” Continue Reading

How You Can Get Into North Korea

In January 2016, an American college student was detained in North Korea on charges of “hostile acts” against the state. The student was just leaving the country after a five day guided tour approved and monitored by the North Korean government. But although the US has long discouraged travel to Continue Reading