Former Secretary of State Rice Interviews Secretary Tillerson

SECRETARY RICE: Well, thank you. Thank you very much for that comprehensive look at one of the most daunting problems that, I think, anyone in the international system has faced, and I’d like to return to a couple of substantive issues, but I want to ask you a question first Continue Reading

“Totalitarianism” is a dishonest, anti-communist scare word. By Rainer Shea

Welcome to the channel comrades, my name is Abigail. Today is finally the day this channel gets an upload. The first of many uploads where I’ll be reading the works of important communist writers and speakers, past and present. My goal is to bring to you the truth, untouched and Continue Reading

World’s Most Dangerous Border & Escape from North Korea | VICE on HBO

North Korea vs The United States – Who Would Win The War?

North Korea vs the United States The defense budget of North Korea is estimated to be $10 billion (or 15.8% of their GDP). The American defense budget is $664 billion (or 2.4% of their GDP). North Korea’s total population is 24.7 million people with a total of 10 million who Continue Reading

Trevor Gets a Shout-Out from China’s State Media | The Daily Show

You know, when I… when I starting hosting The Daily Show, my dream was to learn how to read. -No, uh, my dream… -(laughter) was to reach people all around the world. You know, I wanted this show to have a reach-around, which is a phrase I invented but did Continue Reading

김일성대원수 만만세! Long live Generalissimo Kim Il Sung! (English Lyrics)

Long live, long live! Long live generalissimo, Kim Il Sung! Long live, long live! A long life and glory to you! He, who pushed away the Japanese, in a bloody war! The leader, who liberated the land, of my glorious nation! Long live generalissimo, Kim Il Sung! Long live, long Continue Reading

Russia’s Underground Film Industry (Documentary | Part 1/3)

[MUSIC — THE NORMAL, “WARM LEATHERETTE”] FILM NARRATOR: This May Day celebration in Moscow gives the Russians the opportunity to crow loud and long over the West. The face of a people whose leaders would wipe out democracy. SHANE SMITH: We all know the images of old Soviet Russia. But Continue Reading

Russia’s Underground Film Industry (Documentary | Part 3/3)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SHANE SMITH: So we’re in St. Petersburg with Yvgeni Yufit at the old Soviet documentary filmmaking house in the basement surrounded by 40 years of filth. And we were there to make a film. YVGENI YUFIT: Shane. SHANE SMITH: Yeah? SHANE SMITH: It’s really dark. MALE SPEAKER 1: Continue Reading

Russia’s Underground Film Industry (Documentary | Part 2/3)

SHANE SMITH: We met some crazy characters yesterday. I think the reason why they are so eccentric is because it’s so oppressive here. It’s so stark and heavy, and they’re worried about the secret police, the FSB coming to get them, that they hide in their eccentricities. They’re crazy guys Continue Reading

Rep. Stephanie Murphy Presents Citizens’ Alliance with the Democracy Award

Thank you. Good evening I’m Stephanie Murphy and I represent Florida’s seventh congressional district in the US House of Representatives. I’m honored to be here this evening as the National Endowment for Democracy presents awards to four organizations whose difficult and often dangerous mission is to promote human rights and Continue Reading