Socialism Sucks and Beer is Freedom

(rock music) – We are in Washington D.C. at the world premiere of what is perhaps the most important book in the history of economics, at least since yesterday, called Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through… Through… Through the Unfree World. I haven’t actually been drinking yet. I Continue Reading

Jeffrey Prescott on The Open Mind: Security, Nationalism, and the Four Freedoms

HEFFNER: I’m Alexander Hefner, your host on The Open Mind. You may recall our conversation this year with General Stephen Cheney on our immediate homeland security challenges: nuclear, cyber, and environmental. Today we’ll probe those challenges further. What are our gravest geopolitical risks, namely the proliferation of weapons and the Continue Reading

The Democratic Socialists of America | Hayden Ludwig

You already know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young and charismatic Democratic Party nominee, and soon to be congresswoman, from New York’s 14th district – who defeated a member of the party’s congressional leadership in a stunning upset victory. But do you know the Democratic Socialists of America, a group Ocasio-Cortez belongs Continue Reading

Kim Jong Un & Xi Jinping visit the “Invincible Socialism” Mass Games – DPRK TV Report (engl. subt.)

Der Oberste Führer, Genosse Kim Jong Un, besuchte zusammen mit Genosse Xi Jinping die Große Massengymnastik und Artistik Darbietung “Unbesiegbarer Sozialismus” Der Oberste Führer der Partei, des Staates und der Streitkräfte der DVRK, Genosse Kim Jong Un, Vorsitzender der Partei der Arbeit Koreas und Vorsitzender der Kommission für Staatsangelegenheiten der Continue Reading

One Religion, Two Countries: Classical and Neo-Confucianism in Korea & Japan with Dr. John Goulde

The 10th to the 17th century forms of Confucianism, it developed very sophisticated. It would be equivalent, actually the closest analogy I have would be The Confucianism after the 11th century was very much like early renaissance scholasticism. If you compare how Christianity thought about itself prior to the 11th Continue Reading

How Should Democracy Really Work?

The term democracy has taken on many different meanings throughout history. Today, the term is so broad that even countries with seemingly undemocratic political structures still call themselves democracies. So then, what is a democracy? Well, simply put, a democracy is a system of governance where everyone IN the group Continue Reading

Are we near the END of democracy?

Democracy is the form of government applied in most nations of the world, whether directly or indirectly. However, not all countries have the privilege of choosing their representatives if we can consider this a privilege. More than a third of the world’s population do not live under a democracy, that Continue Reading

Moranbong Ensemble – Socialism Which Advances 진보하는 사회주의 [english subtitles]

Becoming tempered into steel in the flames We are becoming more powerful in the ordeals Winning at any cost, following the invincible Party Mind and body increase a hundred times in the proud road We do not stop We do not know fear We storm and go out On the Continue Reading

How You Can Get Into North Korea

In January 2016, an American college student was detained in North Korea on charges of “hostile acts” against the state. The student was just leaving the country after a five day guided tour approved and monitored by the North Korean government. But although the US has long discouraged travel to Continue Reading

Top 10 Things That Would Happen if the US Became ISOLATIONIST

10 Things That Would Happen if the US Became Isolationist 10. Negatives: War in Europe Europe today is kinda a mess. Brexit, a migrant crisis, and Greek debt have left the continent addled and bickering. As a result, Russia has seen an opportunity to step up its expansionist activities on Continue Reading