Warring States Japan: Sengoku Jidai – The Siege of Inabayama Castle – Extra History – #2

Welcome back to the Sengoku Jidai Last time we left off with Oda Nobunaga ascendant after his surprising victory over the Imagawa. And the young Tokugawa Ieyasu aligning himself and his clan with the victorious Oda. Now we enter a period of consolidation. As Nobunaga tries to strengthen his holdings, Continue Reading

i DONT TRUST Daniel! (GAME MASTER Secret Message Reveal Lie Detector Test on RZ Twin Trap)

hey Zamfam its Rebecca and Matt and right now we are almost up to Big Bear in my last video you saw we did a face reveal on RZ twin and had her take a lie detector test and I did a battle Royale up on the roof and when Continue Reading

Daniel Wins TRUST from RZ Twin to Defeat GAME MASTER! (E2 Event Date Reveal Clues Found at Meeting)

– Hey ZamFam, It’s Rebecca, and right now, Matt is on a walk with our dog and last night, he was acting very strange. – [Daniel] What exactly, happened? – I don’t exactly know. I was sleeping, but Matt got up at 3:00 a.m., and then I found him staring Continue Reading


서바이벌과 부시크래프트의 본질적 이념 (Ideology of Combat Survival/Bushcraft)

대식가 대한 조이 성상의 입니까 으 5 유튜브에 이제 뭐 굉장히 뭐 수령님 강의하는 거 이제 아 올리면서 나머지 보면 아 뭐 하튼 분들이 우진이 모르겠는데 그 아 그러다가 또 아 이제 많이 댓글에 이제 자꾸만 1차 바 시켜야 하는데 어 일단 뭐 제가 뭐 단 영상 아무 3의 써 Continue Reading

Ring of Elysium Battle Royale | Growing A Community | Follow Social @CrazyAnimalGaming

Last Man Standing you won't find that all-too-familiar Battle Royale the internet just completely crashed goddamn heroes of hearts understand son you playing heroes is that the is that the game with the cards and shit nope it's a MOBA it's like dota oh yeah I think you told me Continue Reading

What Society Wants | Poki is actually Quiet | Jake gets Roasted | Trap Question

all right Jerry said I should play whatever I want I wanna okay this hair is really cute though are you digging this girl I'm digging this girl boob physics leh mean there's no such thing as physics all women should have perky big breasts because that is what society Continue Reading

Tfue's Leaked Contract, Starting his own Organization & FaZe Clan EXPOSED!