Is ESG prompting the end of shareholder primacy?

Shareholder supremacy has been a really dangerous notion in many ways. The system we operate within has been so focussed on short-term profit creation at the expense of people and the planet that that approach is no longer an option. Directors now need to look more and more at ESG Continue Reading

“What has happened to our wealth?”: Author Aaron Glantz on the housing crisis and modern redlining

There were a lot of predatory loans going around in the housing bubble. And at this point, we all know that. What I wanted to know was when there were families who got these so-called NINJA loans — right? — no income, no job, no assets, no problem — or Continue Reading

President Moon calls for better democracy at event commemorating Busan-Masan Democratic Protests

president mu jane says the korean people want a better democracy he was speaking Wednesday at the first national ceremony to mark the anniversary of the Busan Masan Democratic protests of movement 40 years ago in which Koreans rose up against authoritarianism Shin Semin has the details president moon jae-in Continue Reading

Sen. Rand Paul on the dangers of socialism in America

Why Is A Socialist Begging Corporate America?

President Obama speaking to the business roundtable these are CEOs who actually secretly control our government and press above a pretty much admit said as he tries to get them to her rain in the people that work for them I E the republicans his party’s it is going to Continue Reading

Why I’m a globalist | IN 60 SECONDS

Many conservatives saw the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s 2016 victory as useful correctives. It was time to push back, the argument went, against the overreach of unaccountable international bureaucracies, such as the European Union and the UN. Maybe even NATO has become obsolete. But can we really go back Continue Reading

Hatriot Mail: You Ignorant Socialist Wannabe

All right, let’s get to hatred. What mail for the week? A quick reminder, if you don’t know what Patriot mail is, it is when a professional voiceover artist does interpretive readings of the hate mail that I receive. Take a listen [inaudible] it’s like email forwards from your racist Continue Reading