11. Slavery and State Rights, Economies and Ways of Life: What Caused the Civil War?

Professor David Blight: So what caused the Civil War? Somebody said “slavery.” Can I hear a “states’ rights?” Can I hear a “conflicting civilizations?” Can I hear “unctuous fury?” Can I hear “fanaticism?” Can I hear “fear?” Can I hear “stupidity?” Can I hear “Goddamn Yankees?” Or Jefferson Davis may Continue Reading

The story of the Paris Commune (1871)

In 1871 for a few months during the summer there was something unusual going on in Paris. A completely functional democratic commune was formed by the working people and they brought reforms that could still be considered revolutionary today. Anarchists, Marxists and other socialists worked together on this project which Continue Reading

Future Risks: Geopolitical recession

Our economies are more integrated than ever before. But politics is driving countries apart. Nationalism is rising. Cooperation among nations is waning. Global leadership is lacking. And trade wars are growing more common. This is a world that is less able to respond effectively to macroeconomic crises environmental disasters health Continue Reading

Why I’m a globalist | IN 60 SECONDS

Many conservatives saw the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s 2016 victory as useful correctives. It was time to push back, the argument went, against the overreach of unaccountable international bureaucracies, such as the European Union and the UN. Maybe even NATO has become obsolete. But can we really go back Continue Reading

On disruptive nationalism (2015 Singapore Forum)

Some of the issues arise from historical factors. For example between China and Japan, a lot of it goes back to the Sino-Japanese War, and the unsatisfactory way in which that ended without a reconciliation on both sides, unlike in Europe. And hard as it is, I think it is Continue Reading

Defending democracy – A joint project with AEI and CAP | VIEWPOINT

Danielle: The right thing to do is to listen, and to understand, and to have respect for those with whom we disagree. Hi, I’m Danielle Pletka. I’m a senior vice-president for foreign and defense policy studies. And I’m really happy to be sitting here with Vikram Singh, who is a Continue Reading

BREAKING France Poses Biggest Test Yet for Trump’s Brand of Nationalism – News

France Poses Biggest Test Yet for Trump’s Brand of Nationalism. When President Trump swept into the White House in January, some of his advisers gleefully predicted that his victory would set off a populist wave across Europe, scattering mainstream parties on the left and right and wedding Europeans to the Continue Reading