Muslim Americans Bust Myths About Their Faith | Truth or Myth

I Am NOT A Terrorist! – Mean Kids At School

It was at primary school that I started to wear scarves as I was muslim, and every time I used to go to school, everyone used to make fun of me because I’m a muslim and… “you know those terrorist attacks.” There was this one time where some girl in Continue Reading

How this border transformed a subcontinent | India & Pakistan

This is the Golden Temple. People come here from all over the world to bathe in its waters, to look at the Holy Book that is inside of this middle Golden Temple and to just experience the holiness of this place. This place is the epicenter of Sikhism. It sits Continue Reading

Religion and Homosexuality [CC]

And action! That’s right… behind me and above me is the original Twin Cities, Sodom and Gomorrah. Apparently, it was a pretty wicked place. How wicked? Well let’s just say that what happened in Gomorrah, stayed in Gomorrah. That is until God got wind of it, so he sent two Continue Reading

Would The World Be A Better Place Without Religion?| AJ+

What causes much of the world’s conflicts? Well, if you agree with these guys, they’d say religion is the catalyst for almost all of the world’s violence. I think faith based religion is the mother lode of bad ideas. People will kill each other’s children for ancient books and caves Continue Reading

Are Americans Ready for Democracy, Islamophobia for Dummies on Wisconsin Protests

Welcome to Islamophobia for Dummies. The step by step guide to seeing how ridiculous Islamophobia really is. Today’s episode is inspired by the satire article “Are Americans Ready for Democracy” (David Berreby) – In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful – The uprisings in the Middle Continue Reading

The New Hate Economy • Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef Ep.6

As-salaam alaikum, everyone! My name is Bassem Youssef. In my native Egypt, I was a surgeon— until the Arab Spring, when I realized my country itself had fallen ill. So I created a comedy show to help the nation heal. The people liked it, but the government, not such much. Continue Reading

5 Most Debatable Religions

Since the beginning of humanity people have held various different religious beliefs and for many people who identify with a particular Religion they may view another religious practice from a different religion or just label the whole religion as controversial But in this episode of FTD facts. We’re taking a Continue Reading

“Organized religion” isn’t the problem, religion is

Many religious believers, and even some atheists, have occasionally claimed that religion itself is not inherently harmful. Instead, they contend that the problems caused by religion are actually the result of organized and institutional religious bodies. And while a significant portion of these issues may be due to the organized Continue Reading

Is Islam A Dangerous Religion?

There is violence in the Muslim world, ISIS and Al Qaeda are proof of that, but the media often conflates that to imply that Islam is violent. For example, on his show a while back Bill Maher implied that all Muslims hold “pernicious” beliefs. That was his word: “pernicious”. Which Continue Reading