Holy in ASL & CC by Rock Church Deaf Ministry

The earth cannot contain its joy So mountains were born, mountains were born The sea cannot contain its praise The mighty waves roar, the mighty waves roar All of creation Singing the same song One hallelujah To You and You alone Holy, holy To the One who scattered the stars Continue Reading

XENOPHOBIA Snake attack Scatter Church Sunday LiVE Service @christmecyland @prophetjeremiahministry

Welcome to netTVmedia, Youtube.com/netTVmedia This is a LiVE story of how Prophet Jeremiah came Across a Man, who brought a dangerous Cobra Snake to church, and while he was trying to control the snake, he mistakenly got bitten by it, kindly watch the brief video before the full Video. Please Continue Reading

Nova Scotia Talent Trust since 1944

(dramatic music) (Narrator) Without belief, there is nothing. (alarm beeping) [Child] “Wake up, Mom!… We’re gonna be late.” (Narrator continues) No matter how much talent you have, no matter how much work you put in, no matter how much time, how much effort, how much dedication, no matter how much Continue Reading

Trevor Moore: High in Church – “Gays Got Married”

♪ I grew up in an American town ♪ ♪ No locks on the doors when we all bedded down ♪ ♪ to sleep ♪ Met a pretty young girl and made her my bride ♪ ♪ After church on Sundays, take the kids for a ride ♪ ♪ down Continue Reading

SZA Reveals What Advice She Would Give to Her Younger Self: ‘Trust Yourself’ | Billboard

– Hi, I’m SZA and you’re watching Billboard. (giggles) Hi, I’m SZA and you’re watching Billboard. (upbeat music) Okay. This is like my 11th birthday party and I received a Bath and Body Works set and I was really, really hype because I felt like, you know, cool girls smell Continue Reading

Grow your Confidence and Resilience (BKI 22)

Hi, this is Diana! Bright Knowledge Instants give you one thing you can do today to move your creativity ahead. Today I’d like to talk about building resilience. As artists, we need resilience. You know, we’re sensitive souls! As we create and put ever more genuine work out there, it Continue Reading

Alex Steinweiss et l’invention de la pochette d’album | CULT COVERS

Basically, what you’re going to watch is far from being perfect so if it sucks, well, it’s not entirely my fault. Thanks for your attention and have fun. Hello everyone and, well…Nice to meet you! I hope you are comfortably settled. Maybe a little cup of hot chocolate within easy Continue Reading

Meghan Trainor Says ‘It’s So Hard To Be Confident’ | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– So I know people probably bring this song up a lot, but I just love it cause I feel like it pertains to me, but All About That Bass was kind of your first big, huge song and it’s very body positive and I feel like you like a Continue Reading

Cloud Cult | Everybody Here Is A Cloud | The Lowertown Line

(quiet upbeat music) (audience cheering) (crowd clapping rhythmically) ♪ Everybody here is a cloud ♪ And everybody here will evaporate this ♪ You came up from the ground ♪ From a million little pieces ♪ Have you found where your place is? ♪ Have you found where your place is? Continue Reading