Scott the Woz Enjoys Earth

(Eiffel 65 – I’m Blue) Did you know you can listen to your modern phone music with the konami laser scope! *dad dances epicly*

Soviet song about Russian Civil War – Farewell Of Young Communists (1937)

Дан приказ: ему – на запад, Ей – в другую сторону… Уходили комсомольцы На гражданскую войну. Уходили, расставались, Покидая тихий край. “Ты мне что-нибудь, родная, На прощанье пожелай”. И родная отвечала: “Я желаю всей душой, — Если смерти, то – мгновенной, Если раны – небольшой. А всего сильней желаю Я Continue Reading

Top 15 Secret Messages in Famous Songs

15. 99 Luftballons – Nena The 80’s German hit was a catchy jam with an endearing melody, not only in Germany, but everywhere in the world. But, unless you were fluent in German, the hit’s secret meaning went over most people’s heads. The US overlooked much of the German lyrics, Continue Reading


[Music] you [Music] by wireless from the BBC her majesty the queen of the Netherlands fellow Hollanders the lights have gone out over free Holland we’re only two weeks ago there was a free nation of men and women brought up in the cherished tradition of Christian civilization there is Continue Reading

Hong Kong Protesters Use ‘Les Mis’ Song as Anthem

[Music] as millions of protesters marched in Hong Kong do you hear what they’re singing it’s do you hear the people sing from lame is the famous musical the song is censored on China’s most popular streaming service now the citizens of Hong Kong are using it as a rousing Continue Reading

Slavoj Zizek talks about his new movie

I’m flying to Death Valley tomorrow. Sophie Fiennes and I got the money to film The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology (sequel to The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema). Let me give you some spoilers… Sophie managed to hire a police helicopter in Salzburg, I already have a custom-made clergyman’s costume to… Continue Reading

Communist Daughter | Hold Back | The Lowertown Line

♪ The summer of your box car ♪ Driving out to see the stars ♪ We never really got that far ♪ Trying to figure it out ♪ A love that never crossed a line ♪ Unless we had enough of wine ♪ I guess that’s not a very good Continue Reading

The Singing Revolution: Educational Version 1.1 – Flag Protest

Narrator: Within four months the heritage society had grown to ten thousand people. In April of 1988 they decided to organize a demonstration celebrating Estonian history and culture. It was held in the University town of Tartu. (Music) The demonstration was monitored by Soviet police. (Music) Marju Lauristin: The feeling Continue Reading

Johnny and Molly of Communist Daughter “Ghost” at Finding Harmony

This is actually a song that – it was the first song I wrote sober which was pretty, pretty scary. Everything I did obviously since I was 18 I was using alcohol or drugs and so first time trying to write anything I actually wrote it in Hazelden I went Continue Reading

Communist Daughter | Keep Moving | The Lowertown Line

♪ Keep your head down, keep moving ♪ Listen for a sound, but keep moving ♪ If you go to ground, you gotta keep moving ♪ They’ll never pin you down, if you keep moving ♪ I won’t look above me ♪ Till I fall, till I fall ♪ I Continue Reading