Nancy Pelosi President? Adam Schiff VP? Join Faye to End Communist Takeover!

– Well, hello, everyone. Welcome to our program today. Call your friends and say, Faye is on and you won’t believe what she’s gonna tell us today. I have some information that’s gonna stun you, and many, many people in the national media who refuses to tell us the truth, Continue Reading

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How the Rich Screwed the Middle Class

enough to understand the plight of the american middle class the day you have to understand that an actual crime has taken place middle-class isn’t dying today because of a random financial crisis in two thousand seven you know maybe george bush had something to do with it rear-ended deep Continue Reading

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Obama on the state of the world: the extended Vox conversation

Matt Yglesias: This is a really sort of big picture question, but over the years, I’ve heard a number of different members of your team refer to your kind of philosophy in foreign affairs as realism. Is that a term you would use? Barack Obama: You know, traditionally, a lot Continue Reading

How The War On The Middle Class Is Alive & Well

so I compiled a couple things that I think are really interesting that we should remember in honor of Labor Day and not many people are aware the saying in fact I didn’t know then about a year ago I through a ridiculous amount OVA reading and learning about the Continue Reading

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