What is Capitalism? Part 1 of 2

When trade between countries and cultures first began it involved long hazardous journeys by land. The only goods that could be carried any great distance were those of low weight but high value such as spices, jewelry and lightweight cloth such as silk. The most famous example of this being Continue Reading

Puppy Elephant Defends Capitalism

Good morning, Hank, it’s Sunday. It’s news day and the news around here is that my house is a construction zone and most of the electricity is turned off and we don’t have any place to sleep and, unrelated to the incredibly expensive home renovation, my basement flooded on Friday, Continue Reading

Power of Banks vs Democracy

Whenever there’s a big decision to make about the future of the UK, the news cameras will be focused on the people in Parliament. But here’s a question for you; what if those news cameras are pointing the wrong way? Do politicians really have that much power these days? And if they don’t, Continue Reading

Class 03 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

» NEIL SMITH: So. Money makes the world go round they say. » DAVID HARVEY: Yes. It’s so fascinating- money. We all use it, we all worry about it, we all spend an enormous amount of our time getting it. But if you ask anybody the question: “What is money?”, Continue Reading


SOCIALISM IS THE ABOLITION OF RATIONAL ECONOMY. CENTRAL PLANNING. Modern production is complex and varied. Only prices and profits can efficiently guide investment. Under socialism the state owns the means of production. Without private ownership and rivalry there is little information or incentive for efficient production. Socialism is the abolition Continue Reading

Capitalism Hits Home: Sugar Arrangements: Intimate Personal Connection For Sale [Clip]

The sugar industry or sugar arrangements have mushroomed in the United States in tandem with the mushrooming costs of higher education, and the shift of the tax burden on to the mass of people. Without a college degree, young people face a wall in employment and future opportunities. For almost Continue Reading

How is Jurassic Park A Commentary on Capitalism? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Here’s an idea. “Jurassic Park” is about the inherent moral dangers of capitalism. [THEME NOISES] OK. So a little while ago, while we were traveling, we posted some Idea Channel spots that were aired on PBS broadcast. I know. It’s crazy, right? So along with those posts, we gave you Continue Reading

A List of Socialists In Congress!

representative uh… who we have here with some of the sender representative spencer pockets republican of album uh… he has collapsed he’s checked it twice and it’s okay for warmth nadia max mainly naughty mainly solutions he says he doesn’t look like her no does that help in interpreting uh… Continue Reading

Marxist economist debates Trump’s tax bill on FOX Business

Form and House Speaker House Minority Leader that is Nancy Pelosi now she slammed these bonuses that are being given out, roll that tape. “In terms of the bonus that corporate America received, versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the shmooze on, is Continue Reading

How Elizabeth Warren Makes Money

Elizabeth Warren is one of the biggest critics of the rich. In the 2020 Democratic field, recognize that, say, with business people, Wall Street, you’re very polarizing. Look, I get that there are a lot of folks who like having the power and the riches they have. They like being Continue Reading