Short Cuts | Wir sind alle in der Religion Abrahams | We all are in the religion of Abraham (as)

Allah (swt) doesn’t have 3 religions, or 5 or 6 or 7. It is only the one religion. But only our understandings, opinions and belief is different. The religion is only one. That is from Abraham (as). Abrahamitic. Jews, Christians, Muslims – everything is inside it. And the totality of Continue Reading

Why Is Islam the Greatest Religion?

How according to you is Islam the greatest religion? January 25, 2019 Dr. V Jaganmohan asked: Would you please enlighten us on the following: How is Islam greater than any other religion? By Islam, do you mean the ideology as developed on the teachings of the Koran, Hadis, and Mohammed? Continue Reading

Please respect my religion!

Freethought Films presents Please Respect My Religion! by D.M. Murdock aka Acharya S We are often asked to respect people’s religions. In the first place, many religious ideas are very disrespectful to human beings and are not worthy of respect. Secondly, what about people respecting OUR religion in return? The Continue Reading

Are All Religions THE SAME?

¿Son todas la religiones básicamente lo mismo? ¿Todas las religiones enseñan básicamente la misma cosa? Digo, ¿es incluso una opción, es posible que toda religión es realmente verdadera? ¿Que todas están en lo correcto? Y todas discuten sobre nada. Pensador Bíblico Hace no mucho había una película que salio llamada Continue Reading

Islam Explained: Religions in Global History

hey guys welcome to hippies history and welcome to some world history where we're gonna continue doing world religions this time we're gonna take a look at the religion of Islam what's the basic plot what do people who are Muslims believe just enough to grow your brain so you're Continue Reading


in the last part of the series part 63 we spoke about what the churches we understood that the church is not a physical building or an organization but it is the collective group of believers in Yahshua the Messiah all over the world over the centuries the devil has Continue Reading

Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars All Without a Flamewar: Crash Course World History #13

مرحبًا، أنا جون غرين، أهلاً بكم بسلسلةCrash Course عن تاريخ العالم واليوم سنتحدث عن الإسلام، والذي مثل المسيحية واليهوديةنشأ على الساحل الشرقي للبحر الأبيض المتوسط ولكنه على عكس المسيحية واليهوديةليس مفهومًا كثيرًا في الغرب. على سبيل المثال، الأرجح أنكمتعرفون هذا الرمز وهذا الرمز، ولكنكم على الأرجح لا تعرفون ذلك الرمز.ابحثوا Continue Reading

Ray Hagins: Noah's ark (Idiotic concepts in Religion)