Why we love liking junk news that reaffirms our beliefs

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Now to our special series on junk news. Miles O’Brien has been reporting extensively on how it’s spread, how social media platforms have been utilized and manipulated, and how some folks have used it for business and other political motives. Tonight, he looks at many of us, the Continue Reading

How you can help transform the internet into a place of trust | Claire Wardle

No matter who you are or where you live, I’m guessing that you have at least one relative that likes to forward those emails. You know the ones I’m talking about — the ones with dubious claims or conspiracy videos. And you’ve probably already muted them on Facebook for sharing Continue Reading

CSPP: The Psychology of Political Misinformation Part 3

connected with my co-author Jason right for and what we did here was we experimental manipulating whether people were exposed to corrective information and we did that in a contest of mock news articles the reason is that's probably the most frequent way that people are exposed in political information Continue Reading

UQx DENIAL101x Ideological Bias

The scientific method is founded on the principle that evidence determines what is considered factual. We know humans are causing globalwarming based on multiple lines of objective, scientific evidence. This understanding isjust as strong as the settled fact that smoking increases the risk of lung cancer. One would think that Continue Reading