Steven Hassan is in a Cult – The Joe Rogan Podcast

I’m actually Jewish But isn’t, isn’t Judaism sort of a cult? Is Judaism a Cult? I’m actually part of an alternative Jewish community for the last 17 years. But the point that I want to say is that there is a whole range — and I actually gave you a Continue Reading

Two Minute Tour of Massachusetts: 50 States for Kids – FreeSchool

You’re watching FreeSchool! Massachusetts is known as the Bay State, and it’s easy to see why! Many large bays line this state’s coastline. Massachusetts was the sixth state to join the United States of America when it ratified the Constitution on February 6, 1788. Massachusetts is famously the home of Continue Reading

Ronny Chieng Is Baffled By Certain States’ Mottos | Netflix Is A Joke

– Right, like the state motto of an east coast state, like the state motto of New Hampshire is, “Live Free or Die!” (audience laughter) That’s a very intense state motto. All right, if you’re from New Hampshire, and you’re living there, at some point, you have to start questioning. Continue Reading

‘My Black Is Beautiful’: Teaching Self Confidence Through Music

– I will see children feeling insecure about who they were because of their skin color and their complexion, but I’ll also witness that children were making fun of each other based off of their skin color. ♫ Look at her hair ♫ Look at her braids ♫ Look at Continue Reading