Unsteady-State Diffusion

In this screen cast we are going to look an herbicide spill over a field. And the fluid remains on the soil for 10 minutes before being depleted both into the air and into the soil. And we need to find the differential equations that govern both of these processes Continue Reading

Mass at SLU’s St. Francis Xavier College Church

The 9 pm. masses have always been welcoming. Whenever I come I’ve always been greeted with a smile and a big hug from somebody This 9 p.m. mass is really upbeat and the sermons are incredibly relatable and really apply to my life as a college student and something that Continue Reading

The RIGHT Way To Enter A Church Pew [CC]

Now hold it right there, mister! That is NOT how we enter a pew at church! Go back and try it again. Nope! Try again! That is still not the correct way we enter a pew. Maybe you need to be reminded why entering a pew reverently is important. Inside Continue Reading

Beautiful Choral Songs – Sacred church Music to read Hamlet (in caps)

THE TRAGEDY OF HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK ACT I SCENE I. Elsinore. A platform before the Castle. Enter Francisco and Barnardo, two sentinels. BARNARDO. Who’s there? FRANCISCO. Nay, answer me. Stand and unfold yourself. BARNARDO. Long live the King! FRANCISCO. Barnardo? BARNARDO. He. FRANCISCO. You come most carefully upon your Continue Reading

Slavoj Zizek on Slovene TV (english subtitles)

His view on social and political conditions in Slovenia was especially for our network revealed by world-famous philosopher Slavoj Žižek. He took part in the 10th Forum about Europe held in Bled. Which was this time devoted to the role of culture in the Information society. Dr Žižek underlined in Continue Reading

Texas Lt. Gov. Warns Antifa, “Stay Out Of Texas” After Mass Shooting In El Paso

Antifa, the far left violent scumbags of the earth have plans to go to Texas and cause a sh*tstorm and perform “militancy exercises” at the border. But they are being warned NOT to go there and if they do, we will see how Texas deals with filthy scumbags. Texas Lt. Continue Reading

Bach – Mass in B minor BWV 232 – Van Veldhoven | Netherlands Bach Society

7. Late Medieval Religion and Its Critics

Prof: Okay. Well, last time we looked atthe early Tudors reestablishing the authority of the monarchy,and now we turn towards what was to prove one of the biggestproblems for most of the sixteenth century:the question of the authority of the church and of the natureof English religion. Let's start by Continue Reading