What “Fascism is capitalism in decay” means

Fascism is capitalism in decay. You may have heard that quote already but what does it mean? And who said it? That seems like an easy question because the entire internet seems to be sure that it was the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin who said this but that’s not Continue Reading

She Survived History’s Greatest Mass Murderer | Guest: Li Zhao | Ep 39

– Welcome to Kibbe on Liberty. We’re broadcasting almost live at the Atlas Network meeting in New York City, and I’m talking to my friend (beeps) who grew up under Mao’s China. We’re gonna hear some horror stories, we’re gonna talk about Hong Kong, and we’re gonna talk about why Continue Reading

“Totalitarianism” is a dishonest, anti-communist scare word. By Rainer Shea

Welcome to the channel comrades, my name is Abigail. Today is finally the day this channel gets an upload. The first of many uploads where I’ll be reading the works of important communist writers and speakers, past and present. My goal is to bring to you the truth, untouched and Continue Reading

The story of the Paris Commune (1871)

In 1871 for a few months during the summer there was something unusual going on in Paris. A completely functional democratic commune was formed by the working people and they brought reforms that could still be considered revolutionary today. Anarchists, Marxists and other socialists worked together on this project which Continue Reading


Hey guys, it’s Nikki and I’ll talk about class conflict and the work day interested then just continue watching. First I want you to know that this video will be a little bit different I will talk about Marx, theory of Class conflict and the work day but I also Continue Reading

David Harvey: A classe trabalhadora hoje [legendas em português!]

What is the working class in present circumstances? When I went to live in Baltimore in 1969 37,000 people were employed in the steel plant many people were employed in the port many people who was working class city by the time we got to nineteen ninety over 5,000 people Continue Reading

Economic Update: Corporate Capitalism in Decline [CLIP]

[WOLFF] Where in the broader picture, of what you see going on in the United States and beyond, is the problem of the economic system? What we talk about on this program? I thought my viewers and listeners would enjoy how it looks from another perspective. From yours, you have Continue Reading

Class Analysis: Pilot

Thanks for tuning in. You’re listening to our first episode of Class Analysis, a podcast where we’re going to be discussing what it means to be a student living through this very strange and interesting moment in our economy’s performance. Unpaid internships, student debt, inequality, and a growing population of Continue Reading

De Leonism | Wikipedia audio article

De Leonism, occasionally known as Marxism–De Leonism, is a libertarian Marxist current developed by the American activist Daniel De Leon. De Leon was an early leader of the first United States socialist political party, the Socialist Labor Party of America (SLP). De Leon combined the rising theories of revolutionary syndicalism Continue Reading

What is Class

[Music] class struggle or the struggle within and against capitalism is an intrinsic guiding force of anarchist theory and practice nonetheless many enduring myths and misconceptions continue to cloud popular understanding of the social relationship that lies at the root of this conflict namely class itself so what is it Continue Reading