Marx’s Theme – Kirby Super Star [8-Bit, VRC6, Stereo] | 별의커비 슈퍼 디럭스 – 마르크 테마 [8비트, 스테레오]

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Profesor de economía explica el socialismo PARTE 1: (Socialism For Dummies)

each passing second okay let me turn then to the big topic for tonight and we may not have enough time for tonight but it even knows it’s a big enough topic the title was as capitalism’s crisis deepens thoughts of socialism return again so let’s talk about socialism in Continue Reading

A Marxian Case for Capitalism | Live Debate ISFLC13

STEVEN HORWITZ: I’m curious, Jeff: So how, in your idealized world what would that role of the market be? And, how do you see those limits of inequality? Where, what would you want to do about it? And how would you know that inequality was too great? I mean, where, Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism’s (Uncounted) Health Costs [CLIP]

[WOLFF] All I hear when I hear politicians talk about these opioid and opitate deaths is “oh, we should have more treatment” or “oh, we should have more clinics.” In other words, not dealing with the causes, but simply with the bad result, leaving the system that produces this untouched Continue Reading

Dark Systems (The Organic Creation of Oppressive Structures) – Conquest of Dread

lurking in the blind spots of our communities just out of view for many invisible systems are aligned against us, camouflaged in the trappings of culture and veiled by corporate obfuscation. these systems subtly manipulate our lives in ways most people will never even see or understand, some will go Continue Reading

How Democracy Works in Cuba

If you live in any of these countries, and by these countries I really mean this country, it may come as a shock to you that Cuba is not a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by a single person. In fact, Cuba has a very interesting system of participatory democracy that I’m Continue Reading

Classical Marxism | Wikipedia audio article

Classical Marxism refers to the economic, philosophical and sociological theories expounded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as contrasted with later developments in Marxism, especially Leninism and Marxism–Leninism.==Karl Marx==Karl Heinrich Marx (May 5, 1818, Trier, Germany – March 14, 1883, London) was an immensely influential German philosopher, sociologist, political economist Continue Reading

MARXISM – WikiVidi Documentary Marxism Marxism is a method of socioeconomic analysis that frames capitalism through a paradigm of exploitation, analyzes class relations and social conflict using a materialist interpretation of historical development and takes a dialectical view of social transformation. It originates from the works of 19th century German philosophers Karl Marx Continue Reading

A Marxist Analysis of Marxist Analyses

MISSION IXXO: $OPERATION MEDUSA In a helicopter miles off of the ground, a man in a trenchcoat stood. And afront his gaze, a round of soldiers. 10, lines up. Their faces filled with determination. But their eyes to the ground. Their looks; that of dismay. Fear. Fear had held a Continue Reading