Jordan Peterson – “Real Marxism”

[Music] and then when the Marxists say well that wasn’t real Marxism what it really means and I’ve thought about this for a long time it’s the most arrogant possible statement anyone could ever make it means if I would have been in Stalin’s position I would have ushered in Continue Reading

2015 Personality Lecture 13: Existentialism: Nazi Germany and the USSR

Okay, so, now we are going to talk about the phenomenological, existential/phenomenological psychiatrists and their theories from the 1950s, and, as I mentioned to you before, a lot of their thinking was motivated by what had happened in World War II. When I lectured to you last, I pointed out, Continue Reading

Peterson vs Zizek: Livestream Tickets

hi everyone I’m in Manhattan today talking to my publishers penguin Random House about my next book but I thought I’d take this opportunity to make an announcement that you might find of interest as some of you may know and the rest of you are learning now I’m debating Continue Reading

2016 Personality Lecture 09: Phenomenology: Heidegger, Binswanger, Boss

So last time, we talked a little bit about the state of the world of belief, I suppose, by the end of the nineteenth century and I talked to you a little about Nietzsche, and Dostoevsky, and Kierkegaard. Um, a very large number of the clinical theories that we’re going Continue Reading

2017 Maps of Meaning 04: Marionettes and Individuals (Part 3)

so I hope we can… my plan is to finish this today and then we’ll go into the more concrete details now that you’ve got some sense of the way that a narrative like this can unfold if you remember, we were just leaving this terrible little bar, which I Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson | How Social Media Affects Us

so our next speaker certainly does not 00:07 need any introduction he is the man you 00:10 cornered by his seat he is the man you 00:12 cornered in the foyer and he is the man 00:15 you cornered outside the bathroom so 00:17 please put your hands together for Continue Reading

2017 Maps of Meaning 03: Marionettes and Individuals (Part 2)

OK, so the last time we were here we got maybe a third of the way through this story the story of Pinokio and the transformation of a marionette into something hypothetically real I’m gonna backtrack a few slides and it’ll get us into it again so you remember that Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson – Whitewashing the Horrors of Communism

You may know, and perhaps you don’t, that I was nominated to be rector of the university of Glasgow and, so, which is an honorary position. Umm, today, yesterday, the different candidates put up their manifestos, and the student newspaper put them up, and then wrote analysis of the manifestos, Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson on the “Not Real Communism” Fallacy

And if you think that you can transform what we have already now into some kind of utopia then You’re dangerous because that isn’t how the world works and utopians have been more dangerous than any other people for the last hundred years that’s for sure. Like there’s all sorts Continue Reading

Marxism: Zizek/Peterson: Official Video

Good evening and welcome to the Sony Center for Performing Arts. Please note: during tonight’s presentation, video, audio, and flash photography is prohibited and we have a strict zero tolerance policy for any heckling or disruptions And now, please welcome your host and moderator, President of Ralston College Dr. Stephen Continue Reading