She Survived History’s Greatest Mass Murderer | Guest: Li Zhao | Ep 39

– Welcome to Kibbe on Liberty. We’re broadcasting almost live at the Atlas Network meeting in New York City, and I’m talking to my friend (beeps) who grew up under Mao’s China. We’re gonna hear some horror stories, we’re gonna talk about Hong Kong, and we’re gonna talk about why Continue Reading

“Totalitarianism” is a dishonest, anti-communist scare word. By Rainer Shea

Welcome to the channel comrades, my name is Abigail. Today is finally the day this channel gets an upload. The first of many uploads where I’ll be reading the works of important communist writers and speakers, past and present. My goal is to bring to you the truth, untouched and Continue Reading

Martyrs for the True Faith – XXI Centuries of Catholicism

St. Peter the Apostle St. Stephen St. Paul Roman Persecutions St. Lucy St. Agatha Martys of the Crusades Martyrs of Otranto St. Thomas Becket St. Joan of Arc Martyrs of the Protestant Revolution St. Thomas More St. John Fisher Mary Stuart and Francis of Valois Cromwell’s Persecution and Irish genocide Continue Reading

伟大的无产阶级文革的音乐! Music of the Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution! (English Lyrics)

The east is red, the sun is rising! China has bought forth, Mao Zedong! He strives for the people’s happiness, hurrah, he is the people’s great saviour! He strives for the people’s happiness, hurrah, he is the people’s great saviour! Chairman Mao loves the people, he is our guide! He Continue Reading

It’s raining bombs, keep calm and carry on… – WW2 – 059 – October 12 1940

October 12, 1940 They have a unified front to the rest of the world, publicly dismissing any talk of a civil war in the face of invasion, but this week the Chinese Nationalists and Communists fight each other. I’m Indy Neidell; this is World War Two. Last week, Adolf Hitler Continue Reading

China’s Great Leap Backward

– On October 1st, 1949, Mao Zedong announced the formation of the People’s Republic of China. In his speech he declared victory over nationalists and imperialists, and stated his intention to protect the people’s lives and property, to relieve the people of their sufferings and to struggle for their rights. Continue Reading

Xi Jinping The Excellent, Why Political Economy is Important

I like many enjoy studying great leaders in history in order to learn from them, whether it be Otto Von Bismarck who served as the great uniter of his nation or Napoleon who snatched victory from the jaws of defeat time and time again. We have a comparable legend living Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson – “Real Marxism”

[Music] and then when the Marxists say well that wasn’t real Marxism what it really means and I’ve thought about this for a long time it’s the most arrogant possible statement anyone could ever make it means if I would have been in Stalin’s position I would have ushered in Continue Reading

To Your Left #4: Socialists my ass! | على شمالك: اشتراكيين مين؟!

Hey Brothers! Hey Brothers! I mean it. Hey Brothers! Stalin, Mao and Nasser are NOT SOCIALISTS!!!!! Good Evening. How you all doing? When you think of socialism you think of the Soviet Union. But, get ready to be shocked, That’s not socialism! It’s actually State Capitalism State Capitalism? Yup, state Continue Reading