Why we love liking junk news that reaffirms our beliefs

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Now to our special series on junk news. Miles O’Brien has been reporting extensively on how it’s spread, how social media platforms have been utilized and manipulated, and how some folks have used it for business and other political motives. Tonight, he looks at many of us, the Continue Reading

Why Do People Join Cults?

[ ♪OUTRO ] When you hear the word cult, you might think of a dark chamber with a bunch of robed people chanting because of weird, sinister beliefs. Or tragedies like the over 900 people who committed mass suicide in 1978 because they were instructed to by Reverend Jim Jones. Continue Reading

Message to Christians abused by Church

This morning when I woke up, while I was praying, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said to me: FEED MY SHEEP. I said Lord, what must I say to them and He said to me:”GIVE THEM HOPE because many of My sheep have been abused, by the churches. Continue Reading


What’s up guys! welcome come back to The Asbestos my name is David and there’s a lot we got to talk about Today I wanted to bring you the story behind the song The world outside the box the idea comes from a film I highly recommend called Network I Continue Reading

Ex Machina — The Control of Information

Hi, I’m Michael. This is Lessons from the Screenplay. At its most basic level, a story is just information being communicated over time. Sometimes it’s plot information explained through dialogue. “And over the next few days, you’re going to be the human component in a Turing test.” Sometimes it’s emotional Continue Reading

Religious Rhapsody by Freddie Mercury [DeepFake]

God can help you. Tell me… why didn’t God help my innocent friend, who died for no reason, while the guilty roam free? Fine. Forget the one-offs. How about the countless wars declared in his name? Okay, fine. Let’s skip the random, meaningless murder for a second, shall we? How Continue Reading

What is Coercive Control? (Toxic Relationship) – Narcissistic Abuse Rehab

hello and welcome this is M from narcissistic abuse rehab a safe place where survivors can access awareness empowerment and healing today we’re going to answer the question what is coercive control by the end of this video you’re going to understand what coercive and controlling behaviors are the origins Continue Reading

What Are The Three Relationship Styles? Social, Working, Sexual

How To Social Engineer INFJs