What often distinguishes fulfilled from unfulfilled lives is an ingredient that’s not part of the educational curriculum, and that can sound vague, silly, and Californian in the bad sense. Confidence It’s humbling to realize just how many great achievements haven’t been the result of superior talent or technical know-how, merely Continue Reading

Belief that one is not welcome

Tony’s birthday was a bust It came from above and just went boom And I ran around collecting what I could of the valuables For I didn’t like Tony all that much anyway He bored me with his conservative approach to childhood I wanted change and land rovers and jungle Continue Reading

Welcome to The Gathering Church!

Hi my name is John Mark Redwine. I’m the lead pastor of The Gathering Church. The Gathering is a Christian Church in Asheville. At The Gathering, we believe the church was meant to be centered around Jesus and lived out through community. It’s about people living their lives together and Continue Reading

FREE HUGS! Blind Trust Experiment in London

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The Kind of Confidence Men Find Sexy

Hey, this is Mat Boggs and today I’m going to share with you how you can exude more confidence with men. You know, we hear that one of the most sexy attributes in a woman is a woman who’s confident, but we also hear that a woman who’s too confidence Continue Reading

Match Sibling to Sibling | Lineup | Cut

– Y’all are brother and sister, I know it. You know how I’ma tell? Hug each other. Oh! No. Y’all not related at all. (classical music) – [Interviewer] Hello! – Hey! – [Interviewer] Do you have any siblings? – Yes, she is 28, we were both born in Jamaica. – Continue Reading

Adult Cult

When I was little I used to lay down in my bed and Just focus on the earth I am I used to be able to feel Like bed moving around With the earth Circling the axis But As time went on As I got older And started to see Continue Reading

How To Rebuild Trust After An Affair (And Get Forgiveness)

One bad decision, one mistake… and everything comes crashing down like no tomorrow. Maybe you were drunk, or maybe for the first time in ages, you felt wanted, sexy, and alive. At the time, it felt right, but you didn’t even think about the consequences… what if my spouse found Continue Reading

How To Be Confident

In well-meaning attempts to boost our confidence ahead of challenging moments, people often try to draw our attention to our strengths: our intelligence, our competence, our experience. But this can – curiously – have some awkward consequences. There’s a type of under-confidence that arises specifically when we grow too attached Continue Reading