TRUST (2020) Part 1 | Drama Short Film | MYM

♪♪ ♪♪ (intense music) What does it mean to trust and be trusted? To be in a place where disappointment does not exist. To feel content sometimes we are forced to accept lies that tell a deeper truth. Why does trust take so long to build, but can quickly be Continue Reading

#FOTD134 Deception and belief

Vastu YOUR belief l TRINITY VAASTU l Saarthi Sahil Jain.

There was one saint in the state, that saint knews everything, when this news reached to kING about, that saint, that he is not an ordinary person, how he knows everything? How? King goes to that saint, and said, whatever you have, give all to me, and in return take Continue Reading

Belief | Short Film | International Women’s Day 2016

hello! hi, yes.. yes.. it’s almost done oh yes.. yes… you freeze those dates rests of them are ready, i’m working on the last one and I’m sure it’s goanna be the best one…. sure… sure… okay, see you than! …And ya please get the invites printed. thank you.. bye.

How Are You So Confident? I Just Between Us

Welcome to Just Between Us As you may notice, Gaby and I are holding hands because physical contact can cement bonds. Your hands are so cold. One time a boy kissed me and then went ‘your nose is too cold’ and pushed me away. You’re like the ice girl from Continue Reading

MULTI CULT * Needs your help!

Try to focus. Can you do it? Love Love is the ethic we need! I lead with love online, in my videos, and in-person, at my show. The purpose of this ceremony is to make a container in which we can be transformed by embracing different perspectives because time is Continue Reading

Stop Doing These 3 Things If You Want to Find Love in 2020

– Happy News Year’s, you sexy, single ladies. Now many of you are probably as hungover as (beep) as I am today. And I’m here to reassure you that I absolutely do not look like this right this moment. In fact, if you’re watching this video on New Year’s Day, Continue Reading