This is Porto’s, the Most Popular Cuban Bakery on the West Coast — Cult Following

I have not eaten in five days in preparation for this. (laughter) I grew up here in L.A. and I’m Cuban and this has been part of my life since I was a little baby. – [Serena] So, Chris is not the only person who’s obsessed with Porto’s. It’s a Continue Reading

The Taiwanese Bakery Chain That’s Better Than Starbucks — Cult Following

– [Serena] 85°C Bakery and Cafe has been called the Starbucks of Taiwan. And people go crazy over it. – It’s hella moist, like, hella moist. – [Serena] It has more than one thousand locations around the world, and every time a new one opens, lines can get as long Continue Reading

Taiwanese Fried Chicken the Size of Your Head at Hot-Star — Cult Following

So where we going today? Today, we are going to Hot-Star in Pasadena for some chicken cutlets. Hot-Star came out of Shilin Night Market in Taipei. This is the– the food in Shilin Market, so. – [Melody] The food. – [Woman] Like, if anyone’s coming here, they need to have Continue Reading

The 10 Best Places To Live in California – The Golden State

California is widely regarded as the coolest state in the United States. Not cool as in the weather, but cool as in most fashionable place to stay. The weather is great. The beaches are gorgeous. The people are beautiful. Now, let’s take a look at the 10 best places to Continue Reading

MULTI CULT * Needs your help!

Try to focus. Can you do it? Love Love is the ethic we need! I lead with love online, in my videos, and in-person, at my show. The purpose of this ceremony is to make a container in which we can be transformed by embracing different perspectives because time is Continue Reading

Trust Falls off the Roof w/ Vitaly!


This Alice In Wonderland Club Sends Patrons Falling Down the Rabbit Hole — Cult Following

People are going to watch this stuff, and they’re gonna be like, what the f***? (laughter) What the f*** is happening here? (fast techno music) So the wildest bar in the L.A. area, is actually in this really random strip mall in the San Fernando Valley. It’s called The Rabbit Continue Reading

Hard-Shell Tacos, Love Them or Hate Them — Cult Following

(deep bass music) So Cult Following is here in Los Angeles. Home to some of the best Mexican restaurants in the United States, but we are here at Tito’s Tacos. They do hard-shell tacos, they’ve been around for more than 90 years, they have a huge cult following. It’s always Continue Reading

Steak and Lobster Served 24 Hours a Day in The Retro Pacific Dining Car — Cult Following

Aw, man, and I love crab cakes, ugh, I’m so excited. I never get to do this, I never get nice things! So Pacific Dining Car is a fine dining restaurant that you can go to at any time of the day, literally, it’s 24 hours, kind of nuts. And Continue Reading

Cashing In On ‘El Chapo’: The Cult Of The Narco