We Now Know What Really Went Wrong With Cats

Cats might have nine lives but the film adaptation of Cats was basically dead on arrival. Perhaps it sounds overly dramatic to declare Tom Hooper’s Cats a full-fledged cinematic calamity… but at this point, the facts are rather indisputable. Now, after a few weeks in theaters, the film stands to Continue Reading

False Facts About Spider-Man You Can Finally Stop Believing

Since his debut in 1962, Spider-Man has been one of the most popular superheroes in the world, and he’s also one of the most well-known. But with countless Spider-Man stories built around some pretty confusing plot points, it’s easy to get mixed up. Let us have the great responsibility of Continue Reading

Quentin Tarantino Explains How to Write & Direct Movies | The Director’s Chair

[Music / Quentin Tarantino Movies] I make movies for an audience and they indulge in big set pieces that gets an audience reaction. And to me, that’s a good night at the movies. [Music] I see the movie in my mind before I make the movie, I’ve watched the movie. Continue Reading

What Joker Gets Right That Other Batman Movies Got Wrong

Dark, dismal, and as realistic as it gets, Joker gives the Batman mythos a whole slew of updates that makes everything feel more grounded in the real world and, in many ways, more effective. These are just a few of the things that Joker does better than any other Batman Continue Reading