What often distinguishes fulfilled from unfulfilled lives is an ingredient that’s not part of the educational curriculum, and that can sound vague, silly, and Californian in the bad sense. Confidence It’s humbling to realize just how many great achievements haven’t been the result of superior talent or technical know-how, merely Continue Reading


Was Miss world at 18 just because I was confident And I wasn’t like that from the beginning so confidence is something I’ve taught myself over the years I Started becoming okay with who I am I was nervous that how would America and global entertainment react to an Indian Continue Reading

How To Be Confident

In well-meaning attempts to boost our confidence ahead of challenging moments, people often try to draw our attention to our strengths: our intelligence, our competence, our experience. But this can – curiously – have some awkward consequences. There’s a type of under-confidence that arises specifically when we grow too attached Continue Reading

How to Understand Sexiness

When it comes to sex, we are – in theory – living in wildly liberated times. So you’d think it would easy to feel at ease owning up to certain sorts of sexual desires. But for most of us, the world doesn’t actually feel that generous about fetishes. It’s very Continue Reading

What Do Cynical People Really Want?

In certain quarters, cynicism has a distinct kind of glamour. It sounds pretty tough not to have too many hopes, and to claim to be able to see through the dreams of others. Cynics will tell you that everyone is selfish and weak, that the system is rigged and driven Continue Reading

What’s Education For?

Everyone agrees that education is hugely important The thing is we’re not particularly sure what we want from it The aim of education should be to prepare us for the challenges of adult life Yet from this perspective it’s clear that schools fail all but for tiny portions of their Continue Reading

The Problem with Over-Friendly People

There’s a particularly poignant way one can be a social disaster: through over-friendliness. A pattern of behaviour driven by the very best of motives which ends up feeling as irritating as outright rudeness. We meet the over-friendly at the office, laughing at the jokes of the senior management; behind the Continue Reading

Why Clothes Matter

Once, we were all dressed by someone else. Parents picked out a T-shirt; the school dictated what colour our trousers should be. But at some point, we were granted the opportunity to discover who we might be in the world of clothes. We had to decide for ourselves about collars Continue Reading

Snapshot Of London: Social Class Identification

Do you identify with a class? Me, no. (laughs) I think that’s properly outdated, isn’t it? Like I think that’s properly outdated. I’d say working class. I would say I’m quite middle class. I would say, if I had to identify with a class I’d say I’m definitely privileged. That Continue Reading

London’s Oldest Catholic Church – St Etheldreda’s

I just want to show you something down in Ely Place which is down here In the 14th century this was part of Ely Palace which was the London residence of the Bishops of Ely which is in Cambridgeshire So this is st Ethelreda’s Church I believe it’s one of Continue Reading