SOCIOLOGY – Theodor Adorno

Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno was born in Frankfurt in 1903 into a wealthy and cultured family. His father, a wine merchant, was of Jewish origin but had converted to Protestantism at university. Until his twenties, Adorno planned for a career as a composer, but eventually focused on philosophy. In 1934, he Continue Reading

Westminster Cathedral: Exploring Religion in London

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Westminster Cathedral. Westminster Cathedral was started in 1895. Our architect was John Francis Bentley. The first mass was said in the cathedral in 1903, in our Ladies Chapel, and the cathedral itself was consecrated in 1910. We are the principal church of Continue Reading

HPSC0022 – Science and Religion

I’m Bill MacLehose, I’m the instructor for HPSC0022, which is Science and Religion. Science and Religion is a module that addresses this long-standing idea that there’s a conflict between these two things, that which we call science on the one hand, and what we call religion on the other, and Continue Reading

Neasden Temple: Exploring Religion in London

Namaste, Jai Swaminarayan Welcome to BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London. Popularly known as the ‘Neasden Temple’, a sanctuary of vibrant Hindu worship in North West London. When devotees settled here in the UK, they looked for a place to worship. And as the number of devotees got more and more, Continue Reading


Jean-Paul Sartre made thinking and philosophy glamorous. He was born in Paris in 1905. His father, a navy captain, died when he was a baby – and he grew up extremely close to his mother until she remarried, much to his regret, when he was twelve. Sartre spent most of Continue Reading

St Paul’s Cathedral: Exploring Religion in London

A very warm welcome to St Paul’s Cathedral, which has been here at the heart of the City of London for more than 300 years; and its iconic dome, built by Sir Christopher Wren, has been a symbol both of the city and of the Christian faith ever since then. Continue Reading

Why a Hindu Priest Left the Religion to Follow Christ

[MUSIC PLAYING] Growing up in London, my parents were Hindus. That automatically makes me a Hindu. Hinduism is a canvas of hundreds of religions with different doctrines and ideas and philosophies. I was so desperate to search for God that at the age of 19, I flew to India and Continue Reading

Parliamentary vs. Presidential Democracy Explained

This is an explanation of the two main systems of democratic government: Presidential and Parliamentary. Around the world there are many variations of these two types, but we’re going to focus on the United States and the United Kingdom because they exist on the opposite ends of the democratic spectrum, Continue Reading

Bevis Marks Synagogue: Exploring Religion in London

Welcome to the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, in Bevis Marks, here in the City of London: the oldest surviving synagogue in this country, that is still in daily use. Our synagogue was built in 1701. It was built during the rebuilding of the City of London, after the Great Fire, Continue Reading

‘Stop the coup!’: thousands protest against prorogation of parliament

– Boris Johnson… – Shame on you. – No one voted for Boris. – No one voted for Boris. – Stop the coup. – Stop the coup. – No one voted for Boris. – No one voted for Boris. – No one voted for Boris. – No one voted for Continue Reading