Broken Pen speaks on knowing your worth, self-belief and having humility | The Outspoken Podcast

yes yes my people welcome back to the outspoken podcast episode 9 I am your host and the just rhyme champion and at 8:00 joined by my co-host just name guys and you guys can all call me naive but before we get to that are you actually gonna keep Continue Reading

Ellen Surprises Viral College Cymbals Player

Since it’s Monday and some of you may have the Monday blues, I thought I’d show you a video that’s guaranteed to make you happy or at least wake you up. Take a look. [BAND MUSIC] [CHEERING] Yeah. That goes on for about 20 more minutes. [LAUGHTER] He’s here today. Continue Reading

Night Lovell “RIP Trust” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I’m not taking away from anyone doing their shit in Canada, but I feel like there’s not enough eyes on all of Canada. It’s more focused on like Toronto and shit, which is cool, but there’s way more to Canada than just Toronto. You know? We were actually on like Continue Reading

Taiwanese Fried Chicken the Size of Your Head at Hot-Star — Cult Following

So where we going today? Today, we are going to Hot-Star in Pasadena for some chicken cutlets. Hot-Star came out of Shilin Night Market in Taipei. This is the– the food in Shilin Market, so. – [Melody] The food. – [Woman] Like, if anyone’s coming here, they need to have Continue Reading

Variety show highlights presented by Losami Baptist church women’s department

Guess our chief guest pant is falling down Boom 💥…. He- smallest insects suck my younger brother 🤣 I can’t see anyone if I took out my glass 🤓 My bodyguard is miss robila This is captain satuo They play PUBGI If shoot them, they are diehard Now I open Continue Reading

Building Body Confidence For Dating & Losing The Mummy Tummy | Work It: Lyndon & Cassie

UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS I was paralysed, but I got myself back on my feet, and that has made me determined to help other people reach their goals. Go on, push, push! Right, let’s go for it. I’m great! Tell me like you mean it! I’m great! Oh, yes, you are! Continue Reading

How Are You So Confident? I Just Between Us

Welcome to Just Between Us As you may notice, Gaby and I are holding hands because physical contact can cement bonds. Your hands are so cold. One time a boy kissed me and then went ‘your nose is too cold’ and pushed me away. You’re like the ice girl from Continue Reading

Eating at a Vegan Restaurant Owned by a Cult

We wanted to check out the vegetarian food options in HCMC, So we walked into this restaurant owned by a flamboyant woman, who some may consider a cult leader… Welcome to Loving Hut. There are quite a few monks eating here, so you know it’s legit. It’s Buddhist monk certified. Continue Reading

R. Kelly Cult That Brainwashes Young Women

Welcome to pop Trigger, Brett Erlich and Bree Essrig. (Hi). Holy shit. You’re here. Oh my God When did I get here? Soon as we trapped you in our closet. Oh no, here we go. Speaking of which let’s talk about it, R. Kelly. Oh my God Until now, in Continue Reading