What If The Sarkic Cult Was Real?

What’s going on guys – as always I’ll be your disembodied floating voice Jack Finch – as we forget all about the Illuminati – because listen up guys – they’re small fry compared to what lurks its bulbous head beneath the shadowy sects of civilization. Hold onto your hats – Continue Reading

What If The Hunger Games Were Real For 7 Days?

Hello Internet – and welcome back to the most inquisitive channel on YouTube – Life’s Biggest Questions – the place where we nominate ourselves as tribute and then instantly regret such a poor life decision. What’s going on guys – as per usual, I’ll be your disembodied voice for today’s Continue Reading

What If North Korea Wasn’t Communist?

Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest Questions, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. Well, here we are again. North Korea. The enigma. Some of us know very little about the country, and some of us know far more than we would have liked. It’s a country of strife and struggle, largely due Continue Reading

What If The World Was Communist?

Communists believe in economic equality, where everyone in a society gets equal shares of the benefits derived from labor. They believe in wealth distribution, a classless society. This society is what karl marx described as a perfect utopia. But what if communism took over, so that the whole world became Continue Reading

What If America Was Communist?

hello and welcome back to life’s biggest questions I’m Ron McKenzie lafurgey the United States are in a rather turbulent time literally with the left and the right being increasingly polarized many voices on the right are speaking up against the possibility that communism could rise in the u.s. many Continue Reading