The 51st State

Good morning, John. This election was one for the history books. The first female amputee in Congress, the first female Asian American Senator, the first openly gay Senator the first second term for a black president the first legalization of recreational marijuana and the first legalization of gay marriage. But Continue Reading

Tri-Nuffield Conference Lecture by Sir Angus Deaton: Why is democratic capitalism failing so many?

(audience applause) – I’m going to talk about why democratic capitalism doesn’t seem to be working too well. So there’s three things I want to talk about. One is called An American Tragedy. And will focus on the work that my colleague, Anne Case, and I have been doing on Continue Reading

Average American vs Average European – How Do They Compare? – People Comparison

The United States of America was officially formed on July 4th, 1776, when thirteen states declared their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. This was centuries after this region, which was a part of what was then called The New World, was officially discovered by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. Continue Reading

Life expectancy stops increasing due to opioid deaths | Power & Politics

we certainly recognize that we are in the midst of a national public health crisis when it comes to the opioid epidemic and our government continues to work with provinces and territories and all partners on the ground to do all that we can to turn the tide on this Continue Reading