Life After Qaddafi — Libya: A Broken State

Is Tunisia’s Democracy Failing? | Tunisia 3 | Everybody’s Lying About Islam 36

Hey there. Is Tunisia’s Democracy failing? This is probably the most important question in the Arab world today, by far. You may be surprised to hear that Tunisia has a democracy. This has been pushed out of the news by the more dramatic fallout from the Arab Spring over the Continue Reading

First Arab-Israeli War 1948 – Political Background – COLD WAR

The tragedy and loss experienced by the Jewish people during the Second World War only increased the desire and willingness of the Jews to establish their own state in Palestine. In the immediate post-war period, Palestine was still under the administration of the British Empire, by means of the Mandate Continue Reading

Countries That Might Not Survive The Next 30 Years

from the diminishing of Belgian domestic relations to the toxic environmental hazards in China today we look at countries that might not survive the next 30 years number nine North Korea though they continue to claim successful self-reliance experts believe the resources of North Korea will be depleted over the Continue Reading

Exposing Democracy Promotion in the Middle East (تعزيز الديمقراطية الباطل)

Maidhc Ó Cathail on the tumultuous events in the Middle East, 2011 Excerpts from Edited by argonium79 Are these uprisings in the Middle East spontaneous events? I was watching Al Jazeera and cheering on the crowds in Tahrir Square, like most people around the world. There were a couple Continue Reading

10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years

Number 10: Spain This may come as a surprise to some, but Spain has been teetering on the verge of collapse since 2008. Spain is currently embroiled in an economic crisis. Spain’s National Debt to GDP ratio is at a dangerous 94%. Meanwhile, 24% of Spanish citizens were unemployed in Continue Reading

SEP/IYSSE issues call for socialist anti-war conference

behind the backs of the American people and without any public discussion the 2016 election the ruling elite is preparing a vast expansion of military operations it’s been 15 years since the war on terror began the new plan will help us fight and win these wars of the 21st Continue Reading

American Foreign Policy: Democracy or Capitalism?

hi and welcome to another edition of strategic business insights today we're going to talk about democracy and capitalism and specifically American foreign policy so when I went to university in canada i grew up in canada i went to university in ottawa which is the capital of canada and Continue Reading