Socialism 2016 Promo

Now, Bernie calls himself a socialist. A Democratic Socialist. You call yourself a democratic socialist … Sanders is also right. We need something deeper than a political revolution. We need a social revolution. The system is the problem. Capitalism is destroying our society. The class inequalities, the racial inequalities, the Continue Reading

Join the Struggle: CPGB-ML

I might as well enjoy it now – you might not like what I have to say! You’ve had a lot of speeches so I’m not going to take up a lot of your time; just a few thoughts I want to share with you really. I remember there was Continue Reading

Appeal for help from communist humanitarian aid workers [ENG]

Leningrad Internet-TV People’s Liberation movement of Donbass: We need aid now more than ever! Tatiana, a political worker with the “Prizrak” brigade, an activist with the People’s Liberation movement of Donbass [footage from another LEN.RU video, to be subtitled shortly] [Russian bank info] – To be continued… Open Creative Project Continue Reading

Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Che Guevara: Symbol of Love or Hate?

It’s been 50 years since the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara was killed, an eternal symbol of resistance to oppression… of love and liberation. Dead Wrong. Che Guevara was as much of a brutal communist tyrant as a North Korean dictator… only with a better haircut. And it’s sad that this Continue Reading

“What are you, some kind of COMMUNIST?” My Ideology Explained

Commentator: That’s the spirit! The spirit of young America! The regime is history. Hello and welcome back to Non-Compete, I’m Emerican Johnson, and today’s video is a little bit informal. I don’t have a script; just thought I would rap with you a little bit, …and talk to you about Continue Reading

Germaine Greer on women's liberation, the trans community and her rape

US Declared The Balochistan Liberation Army As A Terrorist Organization

On Analyzing the Preceding Ideology of the Working Class

hello and welcome to another judging ear eating today I will be reading Kim Jong Il's on correctly analyzing and reviewing the history of the preceding revolutionary ideology of the working class from a talk to social scientists May 20th June 17th and September 30th 1966 this reading will be Continue Reading