Socialism 2016 Promo

Now, Bernie calls himself a socialist. A Democratic Socialist. You call yourself a democratic socialist … Sanders is also right. We need something deeper than a political revolution. We need a social revolution. The system is the problem. Capitalism is destroying our society. The class inequalities, the racial inequalities, the Continue Reading

Ted Cruz’s Dad: Marxist Obama Using Evolution & Gay Marriage to Destroy God!

wife’s we were talking about term ender and what it is just the idea that the the bhutto government socially engineering things it’s not just read state saying it’s also Ted Cruz’s dad its name Raphael Rafael crews I’ll last week we brought you his plea E that President Obama Continue Reading

Slavoj Žižek: How Political Correctness Actually Elected Donald Trump | Best ’16

I know that even in the United States when you have someone like Donald Trump, I know that there is a lot of elitist liberal reaction. Like here we see the limit of democracy but in the wrong sense, in the sense that you see stupid ordinary people are seduced Continue Reading

Setting Goals

Hello, friends, comrades, and interested others. This is the third video in what will be my 101 series where we will explore some basic community organizing skills. In my last video, we talked about what different organizing models are, and what they’re used for. In this video, well be talking Continue Reading

Cake Mixing is Communism

Welcome to Naughty Politics. I’m your host, Brad Lee. Today we’re gonna talk about cake. And justice! And just us, cake. Nobody’s around and I was thinking–NOM! On February 8th the Colorado State Senate Republicans did something that rattled Colorado civil rights leaders. They voted to withhold funding for the Continue Reading

Brother Jed Comes to Campus // ART SCHOOL VLOG

[slide projector whirring] [slide projector click] QUINN: Hey, guys. On the count of three, shout “hail and well met, Bowling Green.” One, two, three. [crowd shouts “hail and well met, Bowling Green!”] We’re out here with Brother Jed today. Say hello, Brother Jed. JED: Hello! Get right with God! Turn Continue Reading

Meet The Right Report

We want to welcome you to the first video of Far-Right Folks. We are a group of 3 students from different fields who share and promote the ideas of freedom. Among us there are libertarians, conservatives, right-wingers, anarcho-capitalists and others. We created this channel for a simple reason: we are Continue Reading

Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality 20th Anniversary Symposium (3 of 4)

LINDA ZERILLI: Welcome, everyone. I’m Linda Zerilli. And I have the pleasure of chairing this panel, which is called Transformational Texts. And the idea behind this panel was to ask some of our distinguished faculty to speak a bit about how gender and sexuality studies has influenced their own research Continue Reading

G20: Putin blasts freedom of sexual orientation

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