Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult – Guitar Lesson

Hi I’m bobby Crispy this Video is printer Market our Lesson Series Okay get your cowbell out and hit it Really Hard Because This Lesson is About how to play don’t fear the Reaper by blue Oyster Cult Click, ok so I’ll play the riffs and then I’ll Show how Continue Reading

What’s Education For?

Everyone agrees that education is hugely important The thing is we’re not particularly sure what we want from it The aim of education should be to prepare us for the challenges of adult life Yet from this perspective it’s clear that schools fail all but for tiny portions of their Continue Reading

How to Teach ESL Conversation Class. The BEST Way I’ve Found Teaching English Abroad.

What’s up everybody how’s it going I’m back with another video today so today’s video is the product of an email that i received from matthew I hope Matthew doesn’t mind me going over the email I’m sure he was it’s nothing personal so Matthew emailed me from Korea Continue Reading

States of Matter | #aumsum

Our topic for today is States of Matter. Matter is made of particles. It exists in three states, namely solid, liquid and gas. The different states of matter are due to the different arrangement of particles of matter. In solid state, the particles of matter are very close to each Continue Reading

Geography Now! NEPAL

You know after I made the India video, I got a lot of Nepalese people saying: “You made a mistake. Buddha was not born in India. He was born in Lumbini, which is in Nepal.” Too, which many of the Indian subscribers were like: “Yeah, but Buddhist texts say he Continue Reading

The Articles of Confederation – Becoming the United States – Extra History – #1

The United States Constitution created a republic that has lasted for well over 200 years, but it was not the first national government of the United States of America. That distinction goes to the short-lived Articles of Confederation, without which the Constitution as it exists today might never have been Continue Reading

The BALKANS Explained (Geography Now!)

Hey everybody so as you know, I’m working on the scripts for the next few country episodes Which means it’s gonna be a filler week! Heavily requested but never really fulfilled until now The Balkans explained AKA Europe’s most dysfunctional family before we get into this though Just want to Continue Reading

Priorities | Central Christian Church | Pastor Cal Jernigan

(inspirational music) – This is the mission of our church, leading people to discover and fully own faith in Jesus. We talk in our church about dying to ourselves and following Christ. This is the one item agenda God left us with: “Bring people back into a relationship with me, Continue Reading

How To Be A Person Of Faith. Here’s Answers

are you a person of faith would you like to be a person of faith but what is faith and what is its purpose is there clear functions and manifestations of faith anybody seeking to please God or follow God in a deep level must come to this understanding and Continue Reading