THE CULT OF POSITIVITY: PC Culture Turned Upside Part 1 | Cheyenne Lin

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today we’re starting a new three part series called PC CULTURE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. If you don’t know what PC stands for it stands for Politically Correct. Politically Correct culture really took off during the early 2010s when Internet culture became more Continue Reading

What “Fascism is capitalism in decay” means

Fascism is capitalism in decay. You may have heard that quote already but what does it mean? And who said it? That seems like an easy question because the entire internet seems to be sure that it was the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin who said this but that’s not Continue Reading

Stop Arguing with Trolls! — Bad Faith Arguments and YOU! (Breadville Puppet Theater)

Neckybeard: Hey Glue! Have you seen this horrible character design for the new She-Ra? Glue The Horse: Oh gee, Neckybeard. I don’t see anything wrong with it. She looks okay to me. Neckybeard: Okaaaay? She’s disgusting! Look at how flat her chest is. That’s not what She-Ra’s suppose to look Continue Reading

Cancel Culture, or Capitalist Culture? | Many Peters⁶⁸

Hey you, I’m a canceled Peter [Inaudible]. So Here we are again, cancel culture, right. I don’t think I need to say anything else. I’ve covered this topic in more than one way. I did one about Mike Cernovich one about call out culture, what it is exactly. I did Continue Reading

Economic Update: Corporate Capitalism in Decline [CLIP]

[WOLFF] Where in the broader picture, of what you see going on in the United States and beyond, is the problem of the economic system? What we talk about on this program? I thought my viewers and listeners would enjoy how it looks from another perspective. From yours, you have Continue Reading

Democracy is Good, Actually | Very Important Docs²⁵ (40 mins)

What the hell does SOCIALISM mean?

Hola! I’m in Cuba! A country that has amazingly survived the fall of its Soviet patron (the USSR), increased isolation and food shortages (due in part to a 50 year trade embargo by the USA). But I’m here as a tourist, drinking a $4 mojito and relaxing on a beach. Continue Reading

Welcome to the CLASS WAR! – Why Capitalism SUCKS – Part 2

Hello and welcome to part 2 of Why Capitalism Sucks. If you missed part 1, there’s a link in the description. Otherwise, let’s get on with the show. This is Bob. Bob makes bicycles. It’s hard work putting together bicycles by hand in a dusty garage, but Bob loves the Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism, Corporations and Media [CLIP]

As a critic of capitalism, most of my life I have had to be pretty much on the edge of what’s allowable to be said. It’s clear to me that over the last six years. there has been a radical change. It is now possible to question capitalism, to criticize Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism, Revolution & Socialism [CLIP]

The Soviet Union never changed something fundamental in all of the big changes they made. You can put it this way: before the Revolution, the average worker in industry, and in a farm, and in the household got up, had their tea and breakfast, and went to work, and the Continue Reading